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April 19th 2008 -
Simplicity is Loving
~ Beauty Revealed, it cannot be created. ...

Two by Two -– mirroring GrandMother Earth and her families she reveals everything is partnership, Universal Clarity.

The obvious, of course, check out safety. Is the Gift an adult of legal honor? No histories of violence, insanity or illegal acts? If clear then
Loving is moving rather than controlling or being stuck. When we are in love or when we are caught in this expression of “availability”, we reveal the parts we like the best about ourselves and see that mirrored in our Intimacy. But when that flow of Love or creative inspiration is missing from our lives we are twisted up with questions, groping for a way back towards that “wonderful state.” Too often, we place blame on the object of our love or on our not-quite-comfortable circumstances. I think what we forget we are primary adults. We begin the day, a love affair, or a new painting with sweet clarity of purpose. Our Spirit values leads us, — clear and strong. All too soon we become cruel. We become bullies or consumers. Or sell, fear closes our heart to the sphincter muscle-rejection, and ultimatum-control robs us of our courage. So we take halting clunky steps — looking around us to see if our resistance to surrender is being recorded. Then we gather our friends to become a war to train our lover or they are out the door. Many of us grow to believe we are not cut out for intimate love or art — that these things are for other people.
Risking loving yourself is to know your simple boundaries then loosen them…Boundaries safely loosened, fill and flow with a kind of loving energy. A smooth, powerful river of ‘Enough’ runs through all that matters-Conduit Connected. Universal Law has no Divorce law. Universal Law Conduit Wellness has no form for Violence, Pathological Insanity or Illegal Acts. Those Actions/Symptoms/Consequences safety for all.
The Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Circles, Spirals, Rains, River — when I avail myself to it and envision it in the most literal sense — is the source of all…let life. Disconnected from it, my mind chatter revs up, my love becomes distorted, cruel, full of ultimatums, my creativity lays down to shoulds, coulds, nevers, evers, forevers and what-ifs — my spiritual awe dims. My boundaries start multiplying like a teenagers’ selfish raging. I get my friends to make up boundaries as my backup.
But what a daily difficult job it is to clear the conduit and keep it clear! I think I am clear and everything is flowing and then bam! I must begin again. The journey towards clarity is speckled with all of the inner critics-junk we try to discard — the chunks of self we reject, the fears we try to conquer, what our parents did or did not do that haunt us. Our backs bowed with this weight, we often find ourselves led not by the call of Love but by the high-pitched whine of our inner critic. We are supported to kill the GIFT and go buy more rather than cherish what is today.
Oh, it takes courage to really look closely at what blocks the flow. This is the thorniest place I know — impossible to explore deeply without getting poked and scraped. But all we have to do is to clear a small way and surrender.
“To be wise first you get to be a Fool.” By George Bernard. Engaging in this struggle does not mean we are bound up by it. We are mere witnesses to our flaws, to our base desires and ambitions, to our robotic-survival coping skills and our idealism. Watching. Learning. We witness as we try to wrestle our unruly selves to the mat. And when we are flat-out exhausted, when we release our grip and surrender, we feel the warmth of the Beauty Revealed tilting inside of us and reflecting back from our lover. Aware, we turn and offer Beauty Revealed, humbly to the world.

Every 8 days, giveaway 1/3 of your Gift to GrandMother Earth and her families or children or humanity or…otherwise your will be drunk and self-centered

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