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April 19th 2008 - Will you be the Behavior of Giving Love Instead of Taking Love?
By BeLoved TASOM …
quotes from The Laws of Happiness, by Ryuho Okawa (Lantern Books, 2004).

When people think of “love,” in most cases they think of being loved by a human they like-or impresses their ego, or by their parents or children. In other words, they think of receiving love from the ‘right’ place. When they do not receive sufficient love, they suffer. This kind of thinking is something that they have to change. If everyone wants to receive love and no one is left to give it, this will lead to a worldwide shortage of love. Love means giving. Receiving is accepting you already have enough.

Simple Solution:
A society that is lacking love, a society that is based on an attitude that love means receiving is like a world full of invalids, all lying in bed, receiving treatment and saying, “It hurts here and here! Give me more medicine! Make me feel better!” If everyone behaves like this, it will cause problems; more doctors, more nurses, more medicine, more hospitals, will be needed. But we can practice a kind of love called “Giving Love“ instead. Find out more: It is important first to believe each day is enough. Be Present and accept today. That is your daily supply of love. If everyone distributes their love, then the world will be filled with love. You need to stop thinking only of what you can take or get. Love as a product.

Write down weekly how many humans you love, just like and as much as, your partner, your children, you only love who you want?

Try and give love wherever you can. Do things for others. Before demanding happiness for yourself, try bringing happiness to others. Start by doing what you can. Practice giving love and you will find that a path will open for you. People who practice giving love have already taken the first step toward happiness. Every day can be enjoyable, and sometimes you will see the joy of others. If you can find happiness in seeing other people’s delight, seeing others achieve happiness, then you have already taken the first step to reality.

Give to The Wild Universe, Give to the Wild Spiders, Fish, Rain, Earthquakes….trust there is not a ‘thing’ called Love, it is the movement of giving what you have in ‘overflow’ that is loving.

Love is what you giveaway, because you are a Portal for energies.

How to live with yourself and others is not about loving, it is about negotiation, written agreements, timing, location and more. Co-habitation will always bring up territorialism, DEAL WITH IT. Stop whining and throwing tantrums or being a hostage or being a terrorist…stop disposing of each other.

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