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Ongoing layers, rhythms...words that are to inspire Rituals. Begin with PERMISSION to speak...wait to hear availability.

April 19th 2008 - COMMITMENT - Read every last quarter of the MOON

THE LAW OF THE WILD also for humans (how I live my life)= Do not separate or dispose of each other when in commitment and intimacy. Unless there is real physical violence, pathological insanity or illegal acts. Everything else is to be negotiated.

Commitment is an ongoing movement that involves humans who are broken. Their pieces and growth are supported by negotiated passages, boundaries, limits, timetables and ways to move around each other when a ‘real’ or un-real cause poses possible dangers.

My partner(s) (business, personal, imagined) disposed of me. In my marriages, my partners started out saying they would work with me??

Specifically: Target a place where interaction either subtle or verbal causes a 'zing' 'bangboomdangduh'.

ASK PERMISSION - Wait until you hear agreement to share your comments

Meet in a place that is safe to both/all parties, not your home.
Set an appointment with one hour of 'open and uninterrupted' availability.
Bring a written set of expectations.
Carve the expectations down to the one highest priority. Burn the trivial stuff, laugh and confront your immaturity.
Write negotiations.
Agree to share your negotiations with 2 or more of your Partnership Sponsors.
Set another one-hour rendezvous.
Share reality negotiations.
Agree to disagree. Agree to find outside healing, counseling to work with unresolved anger, exhaustion, limitations, etc.
Rewrite The Law of The Wild. (See above)
Set next one-hour rendezvous to re-look at the movement or non-movement. (Month to three months)

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