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Creating Ritual, How to Listen to GrandMother Earth
Very healthy question, "What can I do to help our planet, and my family?" The cycles, seasons, voices, lessons and common sense say, "Get your own house in order". Easy to purvey and complex to understand. That is where daily earth-based-Ritual is essential. An earth-based Circle of Community engaged in supporting each other is supportive of the risk and stretching to listening daily.

April 15th 2008 - Spring 2008

BeLoved TASOM offers,

All human efforts are amazing. All thoughts are rich and welcome.

May we suggest?

Ritual is the Good Red Road after the DREAM is manifest. GrandMother Earth and her families remember their Dreams made manifest. They ask each of you to utilize Rituals to re-integrate ‘Natural Reality’. There is a significant difference between authority as focus and authority as dis-ease. For now, like an infant that can’t stop the instincts to crawl, walk, talk…consider GrandMother Earth Community ‘Center of Influence’. Claim a Core-Priority-Ritual with GrandMother Earth and her families. Unfortunately when peoples gather to offer their time and good works their habits and survival are more active. Their day-to-day influences such as schedules, behaviors, personalities, economy, gender, age, etc. override their focus Therefore, hearing GrandMother Earth and her families core needs may be muted or misled or overlooked. Ritual is a very Powerful Priority - necessary beginning for Common Ground Listening.

“RITUAL is the process to repeat/repeat/repeat for the purpose of Allowing understanding and teaching to integrate what appears to be lost or stuck… “

It is sometimes difficult to symbolically visualize and/or re-awaken as the ‘Earth-based Realities’ which is where Rituals can penetrate the instincts, belly warming, emotion movement, spirit mysteries and mind hungers. Ritual is how a flower grows on a rock. It’s not that humans can’t intellectually grasp the concepts, that is easy; it is the day-to-day consistency and Community Circle depth and links that is tough.

There are many ‘Ways’ many and many ‘Who’s’. It is about surrender and risking ridicule. Humans often find conflict with polarization or addiction or depression or confusion and ignorance; they feel frustration and sometimes boredom. To manifest and mentor, they have to change not only their minds; they 'get' to change their fear of living. How do they do that? How do they make themselves truly receptive to living, so that they deeply root themselves, like a flower in fertile soil or a rock?

The Basics

Either… Find an earthbased Teacher/seeking a ‘Way’ not becoming a ‘Who’. Interview their members. Are you safe for a commitment of a year?
Write an Agreement!

Or Co- creates a Local GrandMother Earth Community Circle - Circle of Influence.
Optimum is 6 primary adults who are invested in wellness, service, sharing and seeking. All have real actions to bring their functional (5) behaviors and declare their (5) fears. They are prepared to challenge their comfort. Expose themselves in a safe way by choosing agreement making:
Appropriate timing
Expectations written, then verbalized, then given to GrandMother Earth by burning and burying.
1. Begin a Ritual that is Seasonal.
2. Set times at SunRise – Available to movement
3. SunSet – acknowledgement of surrender and Closure.
4. Be reasonable in suggesting a doable Ritual. Do not insist on your individual rights to do what you want. Do the Ritual for a minimum of 3 months before you rebel or complain Ritual is not entertaining enough. Allow enough time to feel the Listening. Calm your needs to edit the Rituals. Rituals are not to make the human feel better it is to hear how to serve GrandMother Earth and her families.
5. At a reasonable time after 3 months mentor the Ritual to others who give permission to receive. Check out their responses, check out their energies,
6. ESPECIALLY be watchful of your expectations. Are you are just expecting Applause, or Approval? Are you noticing old rebellion behaviors needing attention?
7. If you mostly need approval then return to another 3 months of the Ritual.
8. Repeat the mentoring and assessing your surrender of mentoring and receiving.
9. If you feel much less need for Approval then step into the next Ritual.
10. Ask ‘Circle of Influence’ to write some feedback of what they perceive of your Journeys.

The Ancient Schools of Mysteries and EarthThunder are available to facilitate and support GrandMother Earth Community Circles and Ritual Development.

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