Psssssssst! Wanna Magic Bullet?
A candid opening into Breathing, and its effect on your life and health

March 09th 2008 - Psssssssst! Wanna Magic Bullet?
By Robin Cunningham, LMT, CH, RRMT, SF

Want to loose weight? Tone your muscles? Improve your sleep? Are you engulfed in stress and need a way out? Are your personal relationships suffering? Are you aging faster than you want? There is a magical method that can solve all of these and more. It is cheap, effective, versatile, and above all easy. It’s … breathing.
Breathing gets you in touch with the act of living. Holding your breath actually stops “life” or “chi” from flowing throughout your being. Fully breathing massages the internal organs and muscles. Expanding the chest and abdominal area through a fully extended breath improves blood flow, slows the heart rate, clears and feeds the brain, eases pain, and improves digestion. You will actually age slower if you begin to breathe. The yogis have long correlated the breath with longevity.
Breathing improves your relationships. Stopping to breathe instead of leaping into anger prevents worsening the situation, and may provide a moment for a solution instead. People will like you better (and you will like them better) if you breathe because you will appear calm, and collected, and anxiety free.
Follow your breath for a moment. Is it fast? Slow? Shallow? Deep? Does your abdomen move when you breathe? How about your chest? Breathing is a wave that starts in the abdomen, and rises throughout the chest, then releasing in a similar fashion. Allowing for a full exhale is equally important. It has been said that in the Western cultures, it’s not that people don’t know how to breathe in, it’s that they don’t know how to exhale. So, a key is to actually study your exhale more fully than your inhale. Use your abdominals to force the remaining air from deep within your lungs.
Breathing gets you closer to god. When we actually allow for the life force to fill our bodies, our souls also receive nourishment. The intangible connection with our higher spiritual selves is directly correlated with the breath.
Nothing can be simpler. Take a moment, study yourself, and just….. ahhhhhhh… breathe.

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