Reflections of our Consciousness
A brief look at water and the implications of our connections with it

September 02nd 2009 - Reflections of our Consciousness:
The Beauty of Water
by Robin Cunningham Myers, LMT, CH, RRMT, SF

I recently was on the road traveling extensively for my business. I ended up in Sedona, Arizona, a small progressive town with lofty spires of ochre rock formations that take my breath away no matter how often I see them.

While there, I chose to see a little known movie -- “What the Bleep do We Know?” It is billed as “a spiritual film that combines quantum physics, multi-dimensional visual effects and animation, a dramatic story and interviews with leading scientists and mystics.” This movie is worth an article of it’s own, but what really got my attention was a segment in the movie about water.

Did you know that the human body is made up of nearly 70% water? Did you also know that water comprises over 70% of the earth? What may be new to you is that water has an “expression," and it is directly affected by thoughts, intentions, the written word, music, and the environment.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese Doctor of Natural Medicine and author of The Hidden Messages in Water, embarked ten years ago on a journey to photograph water. Over time, he and his associates were able to devise a method of photographing the crystalline structure of water that has bee frozen. What is very interesting about Dr. Emoto’s work, is that he has proven thoughts and intentions have a direct physical effect.

Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water changed when specific, concentrated thoughts were directed toward them. Water from clear running springs, and water exposed to loving words showed brilliant, complex and amazing unique snowflake patterns. Conversely, exposure to negative thoughts, destructive music, and pollution forms asymmetrical, incomplete patterns and dulled colors.

“The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health," states a recent article by Lord of the Wind Films.

“When we do look at ourselves through the mirror of water, the message becomes amazingly, crystal clear. We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water, both within and around us.” (Reiko Myamoto Dewey)

Water as an active mirror for the current state of each individual, of each community, of each country… Wow. Just consider the implications of what a single thought of “love & gratitude” might have.

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