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A poem expressing courage in the face of a growing oppressive government - i.e. FISA and citizen's privacy rights

April 15th 2009 - GO AHEAD - BUG ME!

You can do a wiretap and “bug” my phone.
Try finding terrorist evidence right in my home;
Video me on the streets, stores and byways
Search my email for key words, scan my eyes;

I’ve nothing to hide - actually, I’m here to shout
You are more than welcome to it – let’s bring it out
I’ll even bring it to you – cuz my message is clear
I AM spreading the truth, boldly right in your ear

I will NOT cower in fear, get depressed, or be silent;
You will NOT own my body - I will not repent
I will NOT pay you to poison me; I will NOT nod my head
I WILL refuse to be lied to, I will stand up instead

You cannot shut my light out, you will NOT make me shy
I will be even bolder - looking you right in the eye
You will NOT win - destroying all that gets in your way
We WILL stay united – getting stronger each day

I want you to know me – I want you to see
That the light is relentless and needs to be free
I want you to hear us – our voices rising in song
We will raise the vibration until WE ARE ALL ONE

I see you’re getting more desperate - that’s good news to us
We’re not wreckless nor violent – peaceful, strong are a must
We’ve been waiting for eons to do what we’re here for
Ready, willing, able "Bring em on" - heard that before?

And don’t even bother messing with my email;
Viruses, computer bugs with us are doomed to fail.
For every mega-tech/media corp you own –
Maverick techies by the dozens see giants overthrown!

So go ahead and BUG ME – try your tactics a plenty
I want you to see how we’re strong and so many
We stand firmly, divinely IN LOVE, TRUTH & LIGHT
There’s no darkness enough – no matter how long the night

JoyRae Freeman

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JoyRae Freeman

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St Germain, my hero of courage and justice