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The Joy of Multi-Dimensionality
Awareness that we exist simultaneously in 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions and beyond

February 26th 2008 - The Joy of Multi-Dimensionality

We are multidimensional beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As we continue on the ascension process, we are required to blend new vibational levels with the existing ones - and that is not always easy or fun.

Emotions rise to the surface, new challenges present themselves – to help us stretch to higher capabilities. Perhaps it’s true that "whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger"! ? Family members force us to be an example of living our truth while fully expressing with compassion. Our bodies talk to us through pain, fatigue, skin disorders, nausea – hovering threats of disease, bumps, love handles and drooping, sagging parts. We find ourselves sometimes taking two steps forward and one step back. We learn through difficult experience and releasing fear - how to master the energy of money while breaking patterns of money mastering us.

We “talk” of detaching from the material world on our way to ascension. But - still we yearn for human touch, a hug, a comforting hand, a kiss. Still we delight in the fresh, cool morning air. We cannot deny the smile and grateful heart when our nose breathes in the fragrance of nature’s blossoms. Our ears continue to embrace the songbird’s melody; the inimitable sound of water’s waves still touch our soul, the amazing rippling notes of a child laughing. The mouth savors the universe of flavors from a giant delicious pantry. Our eyes release tears of joy at the awesome beauty of a mother and child, the sunrise/sunset, the grandeur of lakes, mountains, flowers, rainbows. YES - Our senses are alive, excited and begging us to use them even more!

We cannot separate from our material, third dimensional world - AND RIGHTLY SO. We are here for experience, _expression and full expansion with/through the 3rd dimension to those beyond. There is no shortcut.

And though we exist in the higher dimensions more and more of the time these days, doing our light work – we realize that our body is still is our “temple” - our connection to this glorious Mother Earth. What a joyous rediscovery we have when we take a morning walk and our muscles thank us (it seems as if they are complaining – but they are truly grateful for being put to use.) The lungs feel more valued too, as they bring in the life giving oxygen on a larger scale than sedentary hours allow. As the blood gains new purity & vitality – the cells also begin to regenerate on a higher level, cheeks glow with the color of new energy, eyes sparkle with a new light.

If we take this simple, abundant routine further, we begin to take care in what we put in our mouth. The digestive system is now functioning more efficiently and we have more energy, more clarity; we are indeed lighter while still being grounded.

All the partners in the daily experience – spirit, mind, heart and body are in perfect synergy, each with an equal role and equal rights. YES, Oh God THANK YOU! Integration is DIVINE.

Angel Joy - thru JoyRae

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