Naturally Abundant
Our experience of abundance is determined by our attitudes and perspectives. This article, excerpted from an extended class transcript with Azh'ra Kai, offers ways to directly experience and manifest your abundant nature.

July 15th 2011 - Naturally Abundant
Azh’ra Kai through her channel Jaraan Onai © 2002

Azh’ra Kai: I’m sure you will find this class to be a rather extraordinary, mind-opening, Soul-opening experience. That’s surely what it is intended to be. However, this is not a class in psychic or astral materialization. Such abilities, while valid in their own way, do not facilitate an adequate recognition of your oneness with Source, nor do they facilitate an adequate understanding of your Divine Nature. This class designed to get you consciously in tune with the presence of the abundance that is you. You are abundance. Not abundant, but abundance. You are that Divine Essence.

The reason you do not experience it more fully in your life is because you are not aware of this fact. The reason you are not aware of this fact is that often there are all manner of inaccurate beliefs that block the realization of what you truly are. We call this an abundance manifesting class and that’s exactly what it is. The specifics will be on your experience of abundance, while the overall emphasis is on the Divine Self.

Take time every day to notice aspects of your life that are already abundant, even if the abundance is of things you don’t like. Ideally it would be to become aware of those things that you do like so they can be emphasized. But for some it may be easier at first to notice things that you don’t [like]. Here you’re looking for abundance, not necessarily the form your abundance takes. You must get in touch with some reference point for an experience of abundance. Then you have a foundation from which to build.

You have to start from what is, not what you want to be. If you try to acquire abundance, you will always fail because you are declaring to the Universe, to your consciousness, “I don’t have it.” If you want to go get it, you’re saying you don’t have it and you’ll always be chasing it. You’ll never actually be able to experience it. If, on the other hand, you wish to experience abundance, it may manifest in any form needed to accommodate you. The sculptor starts with raw clay, then molds it into desirable forms. You are a sculptor of consciousness, using as clay the Unlimited Potential of Being that is you.

It is important to consider that you may have previously manifested forms that very closely coincided with what you said you wanted. And yet the emotional content of that experience was not what you wanted. Or maybe you have manifested things wherein the emotional content was very near what you wanted, but the forms didn’t fit your picture. Another idea to consider is that you always get what you want, even if you didn’t know you wanted it. The key here is which “you” we’re discussing. Most of you have this assumption that there is just one of you. You walk around with one name, you have this one body. You assume, because of that, that there is only one you. And yet, how often is it that you walk into a room and forget why you’re there, or go to the grocery store and get everything but the thing you originally wanted? What happened there? Or, you struggle, you strive to make one thing happen and you get something different. Why is that? Well, something else was in control, something, some other aspect of you was operating.

It’s got to be recognized and accepted that you are multiplicity in consciousness. Now we’re not going to go throw you into the nice padded room wearing the pretty white, long-sleeved jacket because you are multiplicity. Everyone is. That multiplicity is just more pronounced in some than in others (Azh’ra Kai laughs). Think about that. If you are going to manifest your abundance, if you are going to plug in to that infinite flow and allow it to continue to flow in your life — always there has to be some agreement, there has to be a unity among the various aspects of your consciousness.

There are four primary aspects to consider. There is the Soul or Spirit, the emotional, the mental, and the physical aspect to every manifestation. There must be some part of you in each one of these areas or bodies — your spiritual body, mental, emotional and physical body — that agree. In manifesting form, you must satisfy these four. The surest way to manifest form is to agree on all those levels with a particular form. The reason you don’t get what you want is because those parts of you don’t agree.

Within the scope of this class, we want to focus on what you know you want to experience. If you deliberately choose and agree that it’s going to manifest, then it will. If you are conscious of your agreement on all four levels, your manifestation will be harmonious.

Here is another exercise, just for the spiritual body at this point. Pick something in form that you want to manifest. Choose something that you want to experience that you’re not experiencing or not experiencing as fully as you would like, whether it’s money, an automobile, a home, etc. Choose carefully as you will need to stay with this one thing throughout the class. Once chosen, ask yourself: what is the spiritual benefit? How does that coincide with Divine will for you, or your Soul’s desire?

It’s worthwhile to really contemplate the payoff; how this fits in, spiritually speaking; why your Soul would want you to have it. One of the things you’re going to notice when you do this is that your guilt, your shames, many of the reasons you disqualify yourself are going to start becoming apparent. You’ll begin to notice all the things you say you can’t have and the reasons why you can’t have them. And that’s a good thing. Because you want to be able to recognize these belief patterns you have in your consciousness which interfere with what is naturally you.

The natural experience of you is abundance. Understand this. If you’re completely unified, totally conscious of your abundance, you could not fear for any kind of lack. Lack, or issues around lack would never enter your consciousness. Instead of assuming it would be a struggle to create what you desire, you would naturally assume and thus materialize precisely what you desire because that’s how it is.

Think of it this way. The heart beating in your chest, those lungs that breathe, there’s no debate. You don’t struggle. Sometimes you may but as a general rule you don’t struggle for your next breath, you don’t struggle for your next heartbeat. It naturally occurs because it’s a natural part of your physical form for your heart to beat. Your abundance is exactly the same way. That abundant self that you are is exactly the same.

Many of you have tapped into levels of your abundant nature and there’s merely a thin barrier between that abundance and its materialization. However, your attention is on trying to acquire instead of accepting. Perspective! Perspective is very important. The fact is, right now you are abundant. You are abundance. Period. Completely.

If you have a form in mind and if you go about manifesting it in a very rudimentary way, it’s just to say “Yes” to what you desire to experience. Just say “Yes” to it. Now, not intellectually say “Yes” but experience agreement. If you claim anything, as in, “this is what I would like to materialize from my abundance,” and just agree with it, Spirit in Its own wisdom and beautiful way of orchestrating things will walk you through every process you need to go through to clear the pathways so that you can experience the materialization.

Just know that if you start from that place of “I am Abundance,” it’s inevitable that your experience of abundance manifests. With this attitude, you make it much easier on yourself. You reduce your resistance and the struggle that is sure to occur when appearances suggest that your intention might not materialize.

Don’t try to make it work. You see, to try to make it happen — that’s just like trying to acquire something. If you’re trying to make it happen, you are in fact communicating to consciousness that it can’t, or won’t, or it must be hard, or there’s some sense of separation. You see?

P: But if I wanted to manifest a new house, if I just stayed home, didn’t go out and look for a new house or talk to a Realtor or do anything, the chances of me manifesting one are pretty slim.

AK: Yes and no (Azh’ra Kai chuckles). It can be that your activities of going to look at houses or speak with Realtors, etc., are in alignment with that flow of its materialization. It also could be that it’s not completely required and that one day someone will say, “Hey, I know about this house” and you walk right to it without you ever having done anything else. That’s a possibility. Those other things may be required to get your full agreement. In other words, to really manifest forms from your abundance is just like turning the tumblers on a combination lock. You turn those tumblers in a combination lock and they align. Then the door opens. It’s the same kind of thing. Maybe you need to go talk to a Realtor. Maybe you need to look at a house or two to get a really clear idea of what you’re willing to agree to.

Excerpt from Manifesting Abundance, Azh’ra Kai channeled by Jaraan Onai © 2002, All Rights Reserved.
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