A Gateway Beyond Illusions
Seeing beyond illusions allows you to grow progressively in alignment with your Divine Reality.

January 17th 2008 - Master Chan: As evolution goes forward, it helps to have a way to center yourself, to balance yourself, to find an anchor. If you had any upheaval, you know what a luxury it can be if you’ve got something to hang on to, something you can count on, something that you know will be there no matter what. Having some inner state that you feel so tangibly that it transcends what you rely on physically is a tremendous gateway beyond the illusion of form, beyond dependency on form. Form being people, circumstances, dollars, whatever.
As long as you believe in the illusion of form, you are subject to that illusion. Now, you can play with the illusions all you want. If you are conscious that they are only illusions, that the Consciousness is you, that the Reality is you, then smooth sailing, very harmonious. You anticipate difficulties before they arise, and resolve them before they ever become an issue, really. You get to make choices that affect you in a very powerful way because they are directly in alignment with the wisdom of your Soul. Only you go deeper and deeper and deeper into that alignment so that Reality manifests more and more fully in your life.
When stuff comes up, we have observed that the first thing many people do is validate the stuff. “Uh oh, I have a problem here.” The next thing you typically do is run from it or run to something else, which is still running from it in a lot of cases. If you weren’t afraid of it, if you didn’t think [a difficulty] was bigger than you, you wouldn’t react. If you truly understood that every condition in your life, every difficulty that you face, is an opportunity to unify, to become more whole, you would welcome it. You wouldn’t necessarily go looking for stuff, but you would not run away from the stuff that presents itself.
The beautiful thing about Do’Hai is that if you do some simple little things like establishing clear intentions for what you wish to experience, you can be pretty well assured that the only stuff that comes up is that which is between you and [fulfillment of your intention]. The point of your life is not processing stuff. The point of your life is experiencing joy. And so anything that can get you from here to there is what we want to offer. That’s what you might enjoy employing as well. That way you don’t deal with extra, unnecessary stuff. Now, if you just like to process stuff, if that’s your hobby, then I assure you, you won’t ever run out. You won’t ever run out because that wonderful consciousness of your ego will create stuff for you to process, just to make sure you never run out. It’s handy like that, you see.

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