The Ultimate Aim
How we choose to interpret our reality determines how we experience our Eternity.

January 17th 2008 - Alarion: . . . You are an embodiment of Source’s love. There is no exception to this, there cannot be an exception to this. As a product of Source, endowed with choice, you’re capable of interpreting your reality in a variety of ways. In what ways? Well, how do you see it? That’s your interpretation.
When you understand it’s an interpretation, you also understand that your interpretation is a very malleable thing. It’s something that changes very easily the moment you recognize you have a choice. You don’t have any choice about being a manifestation of Love; sorry, that’s how it is. You do have a choice about everything you interpret as not being some aspect of Love.
Just remind yourself that you have a choice. Anytime you’re in an experience that’s not the way you ultimately want it to be, and you notice that you’re in an experience that’s ultimately not the way you want it to be, if all you do is remind yourself that you have the option, that’s starts the ball rolling in a new direction. Just remind yourself. You can get really passionate about it, you can get really enthusiastic about it, you can be really clear about it, and there will be times when the personality is so convinced [that your interpretation is real] that it’s going to be hard for you to accept that there’s another option. But it’s easy to remind yourself to accept that possibility rather than to demand it. So, just [make it] a casual reminder.
It’s like, as we share with you here, we’re not demanding that you see anything in particular. Your soul even doesn’t demand that you see anything in particular, but it does constantly remind you of options that are available. So, if you’re willing to consider there are options available (but not apparent), you give yourself an opportunity to recognize those options as they present themselves. Because I guarantee that opportunities do present themselves more often than you realize, much more often than you realize. But it’s not where your attention is.
It’s like right now as I view through these eyes, I can look out the window and I see automobiles going up and down the highway. Well, if you’re not looking out the window, as far as you’re concerned, that’s not happening. It’s all about where your attention is. It’s just as well that you don’t have that as a backdrop because it might be a distraction. “Where’s that one going? Where’s that one going?” That kind of thing happens in your own life. What are you really looking for? That’s what you want to find. Another way of saying that is: What do you want to find? That’s where you need to put your attention. Nothing else matters.
If you are a manifestation of Love it only makes sense to look for evidence of that Love. Your ego [mind] actually works very well in answering questions: it’s a question-answering machine. That’s what it’s designed to do. You may be amazed to know how many questions you actually ask in a day, many of which are unconscious. But you ask a question and your ego does everything it can. It searches it’s entire data base to find answers, and it will find whatever answer you ask for. It doesn’t distinguish between desirable or undesirable answers. It just knows you asked a question and it’s going to find you an answer. So, if that is going to happen anyway, it only makes sense to ask questions you want answers to.

In the conversations we’ve had with different ones, it’s like, “Why is this happening to me?” Ouch, that’s not the question you want to be asking, really and truly. It’s helpful to understand [the why], but the [intended] objective is the result you’re looking for, not that understanding. The question you want to be asking, ideally, is one that leads you to a preferable experience. If you ask, “How should I experience, Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance,” then you’ve brought your attention to the thing you actually want an answer to. And it’s amazing how those answers come just as easily as the other ones, without you having to think about it. Makes it much easier, because you want to use what’s there. It’s not about getting rid of your ego, it’s not even about getting rid of your ego conditioning. It’s about understanding how that ego works so you can use it, you can act in alignment with what it naturally does.
At some point in your journey, as you continue to evolve, your ego will fully align with your Soul. At that point you will reach Unity Consciousness and it won’t be about questions anymore. It will be about experiencing, consistently, the answers, the Reality of Being. Until then, you can ask questions. That’s what polarity is for. Questions don’t get asked in Unity Consciousness, it just doesn’t happen. I haven’t asked a question in a very long time in Unity Consciousness. I play the game in this world so we can interact. But as far as my Being is concerned, unfolding in the 7th dimension and moving on through that, it’s all about experiencing more and more of What Is.
I am still experiencing the consequences of the questions I asked in polarity, and I’m very grateful to have been guided to ask questions that I wanted answers to in polarity, which, of course, sped up the process of getting to those answers in an incredibly profound way. There is no way I could have considered it. In polarity, I wouldn’t have known what to expect that Reality is really like. And you can’t either. You get glimpses. There aren’t words on this planet to adequately communicate that level of Love. The best we can do is to say, “Imagine yourself completely immersed in this warm, soft, radiant Presence that just never, ever stops.” It’s like being the ocean, nice and warm and blue and flowing. It just gets more incredible. The ocean gets bigger day by day by day. Not a bad way to experience Eternity.
But here in polarity you may have other issues, other problems, other priorities. Understand that no matter what your question, [the Reality – Love] is where you’re headed. Then you can ask questions that are more directly in alignment with that objective.

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