Reasons to do Yoga

February 01st 2013 - The start of a "New Year"- a most glorious time when we’re all inspired to make changes and start fresh implementing new hopes and desires. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a magic button to press and viola your desire to improve your Golf or Tennis game would manifest. Poof, you’d lose weight, tone up a bit, strengthen the body or mind, or just plain learn how to relax and enjoy being alive, despite the age thing? Well, there’s a wonderful solution, a magic button if you will. Read on.

To date 1,014 clinical trails have been completed on this magic button and are posted on Pub Med. A website and service of the U.S National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

The findings run the gamut from improving sleep, posture and gait to improving lung function & easing cardiac arrhythmias, even helping menopausal symptoms. What if you have hypertension, memory problems, chronic pain anywhere in the body or maybe arthritis or Fibromyalgia ? Or your needing relief from nausea due to Chemo? Gotcha covered my friend.

How about those pesky knees or your back, hips, neck or shoulder pain? No problem! Increase stamina and & cognitive function. You got it! Help with carpal tunnel, Multiple sclerosis, metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, migraines, Irritable bowel syndrome, depression, asthma. So what’s the magic button that can also induce emotional well-being, calmness and improve the overall quality of your life? Yoga, yes yoga my friends. Eschew no longer.

While there are numerous yoga styles Dr Susan Pataky works within the medical models for whatever presenting situation exists. Her 36 years experience ensures the safe, gentle execution of stretches, breathing techniques and poses(asanas). Props are utilized for extra care with sensitive regions in the body. Each class is geared to the participants needs and goals rather than the ‘simon-sez’ approach. SO, whether it’s your golf game, your aches & pains or overall inflexibility, these classes are powerful, effective and fun. You can schedule private sessions in your own home or join one of many ongoing group classes held at Sanibel Yoga-2496 Palm Ridge Rd., Sanibel Island, Florida. Props provided free of charge. Contact Dr. Susan Pataky (239.738.3856)

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