EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) and the of Unlimited Potential
EFT can change your life

December 25th 2007 - EFT (Emotional Fr'e.edom Technique)
and the Law of Unlimited Potential
(the Law of Pure Potentiality)
by Anisa Aven

How to Prepare Your Life for Grace, Ease, Comfort and Magic?

What would happen if you suddenly felt an unrelenting desire to achieve your goal, a robust sense of gratefulness that you were born to succeed and your self-esteem meter had a never-ending supply of absolute confidence and unwavering faith?

Answer: You would experience your birthright, succeed at everything you put your heart into, and be subjected to Heaven on Earth.

You are an unlimited child of God. When you accept this truth you align with the essence of your Divine self; the unlimited, pure potentiality of the all-that-is that knows no bounds and accepts no limitations.

"We are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence."

- Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

If you accept your unlimitedness you feel certain, confident, secure, optimistic, trusting, grateful, inspired, motivated, and at peace with your life. Since our emotions predict what we attract, when you resonate with your unlimitedness you automatically attract the life experiences that correspond with this vibration: love, abundance, success, wisdom, beauty, peace, joy, reverence and wholeness.

Abraham, with Jerry and Esther Hicks, talks about the law of attraction in terms of applying pure belief and has said that it only takes 68 seconds of pure belief for something to materialize and 17 Seconds of pure belief to launch that desire.

"When you identify and hold your thought, purely, on any topic for 17 seconds, it is enough to set the Universe into motion. And the Universe, which has infinite ability and resources to match the vibration of your being, will do so."

What does it mean to have pure thought?

"Pure: Free from discordant qualities; free of empirical elements: Containing nothing inappropriate or extraneous: Free from adulterants or impurities." - Dictionary definition of pure as found on Answers.com*
By accepting our greatness we also embrace the truth that all things are possible for us and thus our thoughts and emotions are aligned, pure and unadulterated.
This acceptance has the vibrational frequency of miracles. By embracing the essence of our being as unlimited, we engage a miracle mindedness that attracts miracles.
Sounds easy in theory, doesn't it?!? I can simply acknowledge my divinity and begin to attract experiences worthy of my God-like status, right?!?

Yes, accept and embrace your unlimited potential and you will begin vibrating in harmony with all that a limitless mind can imagine.

However, for most of us, we are not Gods because we've been taught that we are not.

Forgive me, for I am about to discuss some nasty truths that we, as law of attraction students, don't ever like to focus upon. However, please indulge me for a brief moment because I'm about to show you how to clear every subconscious limiting belief out of your system for good.

We were bullied as kids by our peers; told that we were ugly, worthless, stupid, fat, and not worth playing with. We were verbally abused by our parents and teachers (even those that loved us) by being told or shown that we were lazy, insignificant, invisible, not worth loving, and not good enough, etc.

Each one of us has had at least one traumatic experience in our lifetime that has shattered our ability to believe in our Divine Inheritance and the Goodness of life. Our life was threatened in one way or another and these events left us severed from the True essence of our Divine Self.

Together, we have been raped, assaulted, disregarded, abandoned, deprived, dismissed, rejected, wounded and victimized. We have been teased, taunted, belittled, and marginalized.

And, if this wasn't bad enough, even when we lived a charmed life filled with abundant love, we made accidental, subconscious decisions about our worthlessness that has caused us heartache and strife. Then, to top it all off, we received genetic imprints from our ancestors that includes false, limited thinking that automatically disconnects us from Source.

You may feel that you have 'gotten over it' and that you've dealt with your past sufficiently; that those hurtful words and actions of your past are no longer influencing your self-esteem or your ability to manifest.

This may or may not be true and this is not a comfortable subject for die-hard Law of Attraction students because we KNOW better than to focus on the negative! We know that what we focus upon expands. Therefore, we don't want to look at our negative past and we don't want to focus on all the reasons why we don't have what we want!

However, to fully access the power of our minds and the law of attraction we must embrace the Law of Unlimited Potential. The pure acceptance of our unlimited potential requires that we neutralize and cleanse our subconscious of anything that may prevent us from embracing our unlimitedness; our Divinity.

If you do not have all that you desire and you've been trying to intentionally manifest it, which is more likely: (Select the ones that you've considered and circle the one that is the Truth.)

a) The Universal Law of Attraction just doesn't work for me.

b) God has intentionally forsaken me and has selected to obstruct my dreams, my goals, and sometimes even my basic needs.

c) Karma, past lives, or destiny are the reasons I can't have what I want.

d) I have thoughts and negative emotions stemming from my past that prevent me from accepting my unlimitedness, therefore, my thoughts/emotions about what I want are not pure.

What if you could instantly align yourself with the essence of your true nature, your Divinity, your unlimited potential using a quick 3 minute process?

Emotional Fr'e.edom Technique, EFT, gives us the ability to get into the memories of our past that slowly but surely wrecked our natural state of unlimitedness.

With persistent EFT, you can eliminate any and all remaining negativity that prevents you from harnessing the Law of Pure Potentiality and then you can implant powerful positive thoughts of greatness that build up your vibrational powers of attraction.

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