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Shamanism is the World’s Oldest Healing Tradition
The practice of shamanism.

September 19th 2007 -

Shamanism is the World’s Oldest Healing Tradition

Lynne Namka

Shamanism is a set of ancient practices involving an altering of consciousness to engage your soul and invoke Spirit and your guides for the purpose of healing. A shaman takes you on a spiritual journey to travel in other dimensions and go deep within. This journey will bring you information to help resolve something in your life that troubles you. Shamanism is not psychological or energy work. The ancient practices of shamanism compliment these approaches to help achieve your highest healing. All shamanic practices are about your empowerment. The call to undertake a healing journey of shamanism is a call from your soul.

Spirit must come when called. Shamans typically work with several spirit guides who assist in the healing process. In doing the shamanic work, the shaman shifts his or her own state of awareness to one of openness and receptivity to call in spirits and your guides to connect your energetic field with the Greater Universal Field. Together a sacred space is created where you are honored.
All of life is made up of frequencies. You have a unique life frequency pattern that resonates with the frequency of your soul. Your original life energy is yours and belongs to you alone but sometimes some of your energy gets scattered and lost especially if you have felt traumatized. Interactions between people can change their energetic patterns. When you are closely emotionally involved with someone, their frequency pattern can affect yours. Parents, lovers, or spouses can alter your frequency either in a positive or negative away. People who have disruptive energy may make you feel anxious, agitated or irritable. Angry parents and partners can send their negative ideas on to others. An example of this might a child or a partner hearing “You are stupid” or “You don’t deserve to be loved” and incorporating these beliefs into their psyche. A piece of an abusive person’s negative frequency pattern may become stuck in you with unhealthy beliefs that affect your self-esteem. Shamanistic healings can help you release negative energies of others that do not belong to you.

A soul extraction removes any energy from your body that does not belong to you or that’s inconsistent with your original life energy. This stuck energy may be the misplaced soul energy of someone else living or dead that remains of this earth plain that has lodged itself in you. Most people feel the shift in energy and experience lightness in their body after doing the soul extraction work. They feel more like themselves and less under the control of someone else. They feel more open and spacious with more energy available to do creative work.
A soul retrieval is a journey taken to find missing pieces of yourself to call them back home to you. If this energy get trapped somewhere else and does not know how to get back, there is soul loss. This often happens during trauma or a highly intensive love relationship. Lost energies that have spit off can be brought back. Consider a soul retrieval if…

You have a feeling of being incomplete or something is missing.

You feel like part of you died when something bad happened to you.

You gave your power away to someone else because you loved them.

You have had an event of great pain, shock or have been in a coma.

You lost a loved one who died and you sent a part of you with them.

You are stuck in an unhealthy relationship and don’t understand why you can’t leave.

Calling your soul pieces home is a joyful process. It is a return of your own energy to you—your own vital essence that is needed to continue your spiritual journey.

Other types of healings include finding your power animal, releasing conflict patterns in the chakras in your aura and contacting your artistic muse. Past life healings on unresolved issues in your life can be done.

The late medicine man Fools Crow said that we humans are a “little hollow bone” for the energy of the Universe to come through. Fools Crow said that we need to keep our hollow bones “squeaky clean” so that the energies flow through freely. We are to clear the debris—the impediments and blockages that negative events and traumas cause to be lodged in us. Positive and negative thought forms, symbols, unfulfilled wishes, aspects of the Shadow, conflicts, power struggles and unresolved issues are the debris that Fool’s Crow described. Shamans become "the hollow bone" that Fools Crow spoke about--the vehicle through which the healing comes, but the true healing comes from Spirit.

This is the lifetime that we have chosen to be in physical form to accomplish our healing. There are many talented healers present to help you achieve this. If you listen to your inner wisdom, you will be drawn to those healers whose particular help you need.
We are all interconnected. As a spiritual being residing in a physical body being here at this time, you have a place and purpose in the healing of our planet. As each one of us works our issues and expands our healing, it goes beyond our personal consciousness into the Great Mystery to help heal our planet. 520-825-4766

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