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September 16th 2007 - love, such a wonderful feeling, such a worn out word,
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A Strategy for Emotions
Adapted from The Diamond in Your Pocket, by Gangaji (Sounds True, 2005).

Many people seek to be free from difficult emotions such as anger, fear, and grief, and seek the more pleasant emotions such as joy, happiness, and bliss. The usual strategy for achieving happiness involves either repressing or expressing negative emotions in the hope that they will be pushed from sight or released.

Unfortunately, neither repressing nor expressing negative emotions reflects the truth of one’s inherent self, which is an unmoving purity of being that exists deeper than any emotion and remains unaffected by any emotion.

There are certainly times when it is appropriate to repress or express an emotion. But there is also another possibility: to neither repress nor express. Gangaji calls this "direct experience."

To directly experience any emotion is to neither deny it nor to wallow in it, and this means that there can be no story about it. There can be no storyline about who it is happening to, why it is happening, why it should not be happening, who is responsible, or who is to blame.

In the midst of any emotion, so-called "negative" or "positive," it is possible to discover what is at the core. The truth is that when you really experience any negative emotion, it disappears. And when you truly experience any positive emotion, it grows and is endless. Gangaji

BeLoved TASOM offers, “ If all humanity were alike you would be robots, what do you think? If all religions were ONE, conflict would have no fuel.

We like the notion of this statement, “I am never upset for the reason I think. Therefore, actions of one or more of the following, manipulation, control, denial, reaction…are just too much surface attention. Trust time will reveal what is my real need. My job is to make room inside of me for the revealing of what I really need. If someone outside of me can help they will. If someone outside of me cannot help they won’t. Emotions are movement. I can choose to move or I can choose to be stuck. No one but myself controls these choices.

Many religions teach how to leave this planet. They then teach the laws of attraction. The laws of surrender and release. This is one way of many ways.

For those of us who are the planet we are territorial. Earth of a Territorial universe accepting 98% resistance and 2% thrust of movement...some days.


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