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Our Vibrational World
Living in the world can be limited unless you understand the energy around us every day

- by CJ Martes

You exist in a world comprised of many different forms of energy vibrations. Various stimuli enter your consciousness or at a more subtle level - your subconscious.

Your life is filled with a myriad of different energy frequencies. When you were born your perception of these energies was limitless. As children you could automatically tuned into the unseen universe around you. As you became an adult, this awareness began to diminish.

You feel limited due to your inherent struggle to adjust to harshness of physical existence. It is not a struggle for you to exist etherically. The world is truly a melting pot of not only different types of living beings, but also different types of energy and vibrations.

The world around you is changing. You are entering a time now where your previously limited perceptions are expanding toward an evolution in human consciousness. Your blinders can be removed to reveal a world full of depth that you didn’t realize was there all along. This is partly due to so much other stimuli in the world that can work against the perception of your etheric energy. This is mostly what can cloud your vision. Things such as the electromagnetic radiation emitted from electrical wires, cell phones, television sets and computers. These types of energies disrupt the natural cohesive quality of our etheric body and energy.
Shifting our perceptions to the dynamics of energy all around us can be difficult but is essentially necessary to become a part of the vibrational world around you.

The key is to shift your perception slightly and understand the existence of such energies. This allows you to incorporate more energy concepts in your daily life. By recognizing that all individuals have a unique energy such as, plants and animals, emotions and feelings and thoughts. The words you speak contain their own energy frequency. So be careful what you say and think! Because the energy will come back to you at some point in the future.

By expanding your consciousness this way , you will accept that you are receiving energy and vibration throughout your day. Once you view these dynamics, then you can begin to assess how you feel in relationship to these energies. You can form greater trust with your instincts and feelings. You can learn that your reactions and feelings are based on our interpretations of energy between yourself and others in the world around us.

There are some people who grow up in their physical existence but are already fully aware and in tune with these energies. They learn to interpret them and in this way are connected to the universal life source and the information it brings. These people are the seers, psychics, mystics, healers and the gifted ones of our world.
These abilities are not just reserved for those with “special abilities”. Anyone can tap into the energy and information it brings. It simply takes practice. The more you practice something, of course you get better at it.

Everyone is capable of learning to interpret energy and connecting to the universal energy if you desire to.

So that you can begin to shift your own perceptions, here is an example situation to illustrate a common energy dynamic and one that causes a lot of frustration:

Let’s say you are waiting at a red light at a busy intersection.

You see a car coming up to the intersection, headed your direction in the lane next to you.

The light turns green and you push on your accelerator to proceed across the intersection. The car in the lane beside yours whizzes past you and suddenly cuts you off in your lane.

Several seconds later the car hits its brakes to slow down to turn onto the next street.

You are upset and startled. Why did this person just speed up to slow down?

The situation occurred quickly and was over the moment the car in front of you turned that corner.

Now you continue to drive to your destination. How do you feel?
A common response to this question would be angry, mad, frustrated, frantic, and so on.

Can you see the energy dynamic happening in the above situation?
You could say that the behavior of the individual in the other car was rude and or get mad and yell at them.

Having emotions about the action of this other person is not a bad response. We are human and have emotions and frustrations just like everyone else. It’s important after your initial reaction to take your processing of the situation a step further to look at what's going on energetically.

First, the person in the other car has their own energy just like you do. They are traveling at a high rate of speed in a vehicle. Let's just imagine for a moment what happening with this energy dynamic as you sit in your car as the force of their energy is coming up behind you.

Your etheric self can feel the wave of energy moving toward you long before it reaches you. Then the wave arrives as they pull into the lane next you. Not just the momentum of energy of that individual but also their thoughts and feelings as well. That person could be late or worried about getting somewhere. All these lower vibrations wave across you as the individual is even with you on the road. As they pass and then move in front of you, the energy surrounds you.
As a being made of energy, you can imagine the reaction you would have to feel such an energy force coming at you and surrounding you.
This is where our emotions come into play. Our emotions are reactions and can be a counter move to stimuli as you experience it. Often when energy comes at us that is forceful and of a lower vibration you often match the vibrational energy you are receiving. In order to reach am equilibrium with the "invading" energy. This is called entrainment.

So when the car came forward and cut you off, your etheric reaction was to emit an emotional energy in order to accommodate the new vibration you were receiving.

Your etheric body is a perfect adapters to life situations. Your etheric body can entrain or match a vibration in order to maintain a balance of energy.

Over time you can learn how to higher frequencies of energies rather than the lower vibrational energy of the above situation. You do not have to necessarily match the chaotic vibrations of others. You can hold your own vibration in balance and harmony instead of allowing it to get pulled to and fro.

This ability will come with practice and a willingness to hold the highest vibrations in the universe – spreading altruism and unconditional love.

Apply this same principle to other interactions in your life. Understand the energy dynamics in your life. They are all around you in every person you interact with. The goal is to fully awakening of your etheric self..

You can also assist others with there own spiritual transitions if you begin to open your heart to understand the energy everywhere in your life. As you begin to perceive the energy in your life, a dramatic shift can occur.

Through this new awareness you gain greater empathy for people through your utilization of these vibrational concepts.
When you view the energy involved in a particular situation it becomes less and less about "he said, she said" or "me and them" and more about being one with the collective vibrations of the universe.

You can help to remove the judgments from your world by incorporating energy and living more vibrationally in the years that follow.

A powerful spiritual teacher, consciousness expert and innovative thinker, CJ Martes has spent the past two decades touching the lives of thousands around the world. As one of the world's leading Akashic Field Theorists and founder of Akashic Field Therapy (AFT), she unites penetrating scientific insight and ancient knowledge to help individuals resolve traumas and realize their full mental, spiritual and physical potential. She can be contacted by visiting her website: cjmartes.com or by calling (800) 604-9967.

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