Its All About Timing
The Importance of the Birth Chart of Your Wedding

August 09th 2007 - Its All About Timing

Let’s face it! Most of us already married folk were wed on a particular day because it fit in with the obtainable openings of a club, church or other reception venue. Now, of course, with weddings becoming more elaborate scheduling is done a year or more ahead. But still bookings are at the convenience of hotels and other commercial or secular availabilities. As wedding parties jockey for position with these establishments it all seems harmless enough and in fact only practical. Garnering the finest setting one can afford really sets the stage for all that is to follow as far as the style with which one intends to conduct their marriage vows. What else could there possibly be of importance before this step anyway? Yes, what indeed?!

For hundreds of years astrologers have been sought after to perform their celestial calculations to provide the most auspicious timing for events of great merit. Today, politicians, celebrities, the well-to-do and even some corporations use astrological services to plan political campaigns, exclusive engagements, promotions and the like. This elite service has been difficult to find let alone on an affordable basis. Now, a family of astrologers has completely dedicated their entire service to brides to assist in finding the best date and time for their weddings. These astrologers want brides to have this information available in understanding how important it is to start a union under the best “sky” possible.

How does it work? First the bride (and/or groom and/or partner) fills in the customizing form on which they can specify the kind of ambiance desired for the wedding day. The choices vary widely from spiritual ideals to simply wanting to impress. What ever the need, one has only to make their requests and specify the month and year parameters in which they choose to marry. It is that simple.

Then, the team of astrologers goes to work exclusively for the couple. Not only do they find the best date to supply the nuances requested through the celestial aspects available on a particular day, but they check the date against the natal chart of the bride (and/or groom and/or partner) to assure harmonious vibrations exist on all levels. Detailed, exclusive information explaining how to use all aspects occurring on the appointed day is supplied. Thus a format upon which to draw up the plan and theme of the entire wedding is obtained. Exactly how to take advantage of this most important moment in life and celebrate it is what these astrologers want a bride to have.

Why is this so important? Just like a birth chart which describes the personality and attributes of a person, the date and time of a wedding is a chart of the marriage. The big news is that one can select and adjust the “personality” of the union; unlike the more take-what-you-get timing with a birth.

Starting your union on the best possible footing in accordance with your desires is so much better than accepting a marriage “birth” based on the convenience of a reception hall or a clergy’s schedule. When you are doing something this important you want your timing to be right and now you can! It’s about timing! Something old is new again and available at

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