Some Client Testimonials
What some clients have commented after receiving Reiki/Theta Healing

July 21st 2009 - Comment after one session, from a young woman taking medicine and being treated for anxiety/depression by a psychiatrist :

"After the Reiki I don't feel funky, anymore!" A.M., 20

Comment from a gentleman in severe pain and on dialysis:

"The Reiki has been wonderful! I was desperate for help with the pain. You have something so special! C. W., 70

Comment after 3 sessions, from a woman with an insulin pump and heart condition, who had suffered congestion all winter long, along with joint pain:

"The Reiki has brought healing to my shoulder and chest cough. My injured knee has healed remarkably fast. I know the power of dynamic treatment---WOW!" R.L.,60

Comment after one session from a gentleman who had come for healing of his shoulder pain:

"Not only did my shoulder feel better, but afterward I noticed that other parts of my body where I usually have pain -- like my hips -- felt great, too! This stuff is like magic!" B.G., 64

Comment after many sessions from a woman suffering the sudden loss of a family member a year prior:

"Reiki has helped me to move through grief and find peace. I no longer take medication to help me feel calm --- I have found something better!" D.D.,44

"I highly recommend MaryJoy's Reiki work. The energy I felt in our first session was subtle, but blossomed blissfully after I left and stayed with me for several days. Also, a persistent problem I had been having with cracked and painful skin on my left heel, which I had her focus on, was completely healed by the end of the session.
"Throughout the second session a few days later, I felt powerful healing waves coursing through my body which left me relaxed, euphoric and energized. I look forward to many more treatments from MaryJoy!"

-- Benjamin Bernstein, Asheville, NC

( Man with a septic knee -- osteoarthritis with advanced yeast infection)
"MaryJoy has worked wonders on my infected knee, so much so, that a scheduled 3rd surgery is no longer needed."
Franklin Courson, Asheville, NC

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