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Thoughts Are Like Velcro
Taking a Look at Reality and Illusions .. attaching to our Thoughts and Cellular Memory

August 12th 2020 - Thoughts Are Like Velcro~

Thoughts Are Like Velcro It's Universal.
We all Think,& we all Breathe.
Thought. Breathe. Thought. Thought and Breathe.
When a sticky troubling thought comes through or we actually believe that we have to buy into every product on the thinking market. Guess... what? The Breath shuts down and restricts.The Thoughts are like Velcro balls being hurled one after the other at the receptor, the Breath.When one is troubled they couple up. And create a "Being" of Dis-order. A one way ticket into the Body. Now we have sibling triplets. Isn't that not cute? The Thought, Breath,ganging up on the Body. Are we therefore creating disfunction on cellular levels all by ourselves? Sometimes. You bet. Can we undo it as well? O,Yes truth is in the undoing,always. Untwist the thought,and Perception,and Breathe...and the Body will be salvaged. Maybe dented for the collision, yet the Body has inherent intelligence. Given clear Thought, Oxygen, it gets free of the sibling rivalry. It was not the Instigator. Now granted some of us are dented in other ways by another, congenitally, etc. That could be questioned as well. This is just a blog on some ways that I have found to keeps the currents running and my Spirit renewed as well.
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