This article presents the two ways in which the DNM credential can be obtained. It also provides a a brief summary of the program of studies involved and the type of professional provider likely to hold a Doctor of Natural Medicine degree or board certification.

The DOCTOR OF NATURAL MEDICINE (DNM) credential can be conferred: 1) as a degree, or 2) as a post-graduate board certification. DNM training is inter-disciplinary in nature and draws professionals from various health fields such as allopathic medicine, clinical psychology, Chinese medicine, etc., and is also pursued by traditional practitioners (sometimes referred to as "traditional” or “classical” naturopaths) who focus primarily upon patient education and offer natural and non-invasive treatments exclusively. (This is in contrast to Doctors of Naturopathy (ND) or Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) who may be state licensed as naturopathic physicians and who offer a limited amount of pharmaceutical therapy in addition to natural treatments.)

DEGREE PROGRAM: The DNM curriculum typically includes a minimum of 4,200 contact hours. Colleges offering the DNM degree are often state approved, certified by a professional natural medicine organization, offer on line educational opportunities, and have clinical practice requirements prior to graduation. (A certain amount of residential training may be required in some schools.) Course work begins with such courses as anatomy & physiology, clinical nutrition, biology & chemistry, basic therapeutic interventions such as herbology, iridology, reflexology, manual medicine, Chinese medicine, etc. The student then moves on to more advanced training in natural non-invasive therapies prior to clinical experience and graduation. (Health care professionals who are already degreed and licensed in a related field may find a "bridge program" available in some schools. This allows the candidate to transfer in all acceptable course work and clinical experience. The student then completes only what remains in the DNM program of study.)

POST-GRADUATE DNM BOARD CERTIFICATION: The World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners (WONMP) is an interdisciplinary group of natural health care providers, e.g., OMD, MD, DO, DC, Homeopaths, and other health care professionals. In addition to the 4,000 hour DNM board certification, WONMP offers several other credentials and membership possibilities. Visit www.wonmp.us for more information.

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