Best Fulvic Is Wujinsan
Humic substances benefit health but the truth can not be told in the U.S due to control by the drug industry and FDA. A safe effective traditional product can be sold as a herbal supplement but the truth of it's benefits can not advertised.

- Faust BioAg supplies the fulvic acid products preferred by medical professionals and other healing experts.
We have an M.D on our board of advisors and Doctors are our present largest market. Most of these doctors have tried everything else and people may try another ³cheaper² product and then come back to us.

I use a complex method of slow fermentation using a culture I developed in Hawaii, specific fungi and microbes produce the fulvic acids and convert high molecular weight humic acids to the lower and more available low molecular weight fraction of humus. I use an updated method based on centuries old Chinese method developed in the Ming Dynasty. I have searched the world for the best raw materials. Outside of China and Siberia only one location exists where the right raw material exist. An organic humus or humate called ³Medicine Rock² by the Native Americans of the area in ancient times. The right kind is rare and takes careful mining only on old pond sites with ancient broadleaf tree and cycad source biomass in freshwater conditions. All black looking minerals are not humic acids or humic acids of value. Hundreds of organic chemicals are involved it is far more complex than, simply ³fulvic or humic². Our product is high in phenols and phenol hydroxides along with amino acids like tyrosine and other potent antioxidants and antiviral and antimicrobial compounds as well as blood cleansing natural chelators.
All these years the product sold it¹s self by word of mouth and I never needed to brag about it but now in a world of imitators and people taking advantage for profits. My goal was to provide an alternative to the contaminated and downright dangerous fulvic/colloidal mineral products that were being sold.
True Wu Jin San or "black Gold Medicine" in China, or Silagit in India, peat extracts in Europe, peat baths in Europe and Greece. Crucial to health and key to many diseases now said to be ³incurable², the Chinese medical literature and large studies shows that to be true. Yet in The U.S and E.U or Canada you can not tell the truth about fulvic acids or Wujinsan, you must lie at the command of Washington, saying that the product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease, and you can not say what it will or can do.
Yet how can 1.25 billion Chinese and almost equal number of Indians be wrong!
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