Other-lifetime Regression: What is it? Where did it come from?
Past Life Regression

November 18th 2006 - Other-lifetime Regression: What is it? Where did it come from?
By Marjorie Baker Price, copyright 2006

I receive many requests for more information about other
lifetime regression from clients. This is a service I offer
in my practice.

Some people believe that we live more than one lifetime.
Reincarnation remains a fundamental part of the Hindu
and Buddhist religions. It is intrinsically woven into
the Kabbalah, a mystical Jewish text which has recently
been popularized in New Age circles. It was also part
of early Christianity - but in 500 A.D.; a papal decree
required systematically striking all reference to
reincarnation from the Bible.

The spiritually-described purpose for experiencing many
lifetimes is for the soul to be able to fully develop
its chosen goals. This allows the soul to heal and
evolve, becoming both greater and more whole in
its consciousness.

The great American psychic Edgar Cayce, transcended from
being a fundamentalist Southern Baptist Sunday school
teacher to a very developed trance medium. He offered
many astoundingly accurate health and future prophecies,
some on a global scale. He also believed understanding
the spiritual challenges of other experienced lifetimes
allows us to better live this one.

"Karma" denotes the great spiritual lessons the soul
chooses to explore through multiple lifetimes. It dares
to meet the corresponding challenges for greater
self-healing and evolution. Other-lifetime regression
offers us a way to view and experience those peak challenges.

Edgar Cayce left extensive records of other-lifetime
readings that he gave to thousands of clients. They
demonstrated key opportunities for greater understanding,
closure, and more aware choice-making in our lifetime.

In our own time, Brian Weiss described amazing results
of healing and completion in multiple cases.

Past-life regression is a hypnotherapy practice whereby
the facilitator guides the client into a deeply relaxed
state. When relaxed the client travels into another
lifetime experience to explore greater connectedness
and healing challenges that relate to current unsolvable
concerns. I have done regressions into other lifetimes
with clients. People have experienced
astounding breakthroughs.

The results sometimes dramatically end symptoms that
in some cases have plagued people for years.

Simply being curious about other lifetimes does not seem
to be enough to support actually experiencing them.
I believe one is spiritually called through being in
enough "dis-ease", along with an intuitive "nudge" that
simply won't go away. To want other-lifetime regression
is enough to "launch" the experience.

Global karma refers to the spiritual challenges throughout
earth's history. It offers key opportunities to not
"let history repeat itself" - instead, to learn from
previous challenges, particularly failures.

Cayce said that misuse of the environment, emerging
dictatorship, and abuse of populations, brought about
what he termed "the Atlantean cataclysms". The resultant
disasters peaked with the shifting of the earth's poles
about 10,000 years ago, which is scientifically known.

We do not live in a vacuum. We live to harmoniously
and peacefully coexist with "all sentient beings."
This is according to the Dalai Lama. We cannot change
what we don't know. Other-lifetime regression with the
stated purpose of karmic completion offers extended
visioning. This in turn leads to extended healing and
higher-level choice making and service. We are
"in this together" - not to rush to judge ourselves
and others, but to more fully know and choose better.

Love and Light,


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