How Full is Your Jellybean Jar?
A Lesson About Your Energy Level.

September 10th 2006 -
If I were to ask you, what is your “energy level”, what would you answer? Would you understand my question? It is actually a simple concept that refers to the amount of personal energy you have within your body to carry on your every day activities physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your energy level is affected by the amount of energy you give out and the amount of energy you receive.

It is very important to be aware of your energy level. If your energy is flowing properly you are able to function in daily life in a positive, balanced manner. For example, you feel energetic, you think clearly, you sleep well, you feel healthier, and you are able to kick back and truly relax. You ultimately view and live your life in a happy, healthy, positive manner.

However, if your energy is blocked or out of balance you do not function as well as you should. Emotionally you could become overly sensitive, angry or depressed. Mentally your mind can become overwhelmed, distracted, irrational or anxious. Physical signs of imbalance may include fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, and discomfort from backaches, neck aches or headaches, as well as developing more serious health conditions.

So my advice to you is simply to be aware of your energy. Most often women, especially mothers, give and give and give of themselves. That is certainly a wonderful trait, but if someone gives out more energy than they receive, it can create an imbalance and become drained very quickly.

I ask you to think about your energy as a jar full of jellybeans. All the beautiful colored jellybeans are positive energy; energy like compassion, love, nurturing, motivation, and patience. And all the black jellybeans are the negative energies we hold such as stress, frustration, sadness, and anxiety.

Starting in the morning, imagine that every time you give your energy to someone you give them a few colored jellybeans. You help the kids off to school, jellybeans; you head off to work and deal with difficult people, lots of jelly beans; then you have a relationship to tend to, friends or family members in need, and the house hold to run, shopping, cleaning, cooking…. a lot more colored jelly beans are leaving your jar.

Now imagine getting up the next day, and the next …how many jellybeans are left in your jar at the end of the week? And how many of those are black? Do you continue to give jellybeans even if all you have left are black jellybeans? If you allow your jellybean jar to get too low, you are allowing yourself to become depleted, drained and out of balance. And if you continue to give your energy from the black jellybeans, you are giving to others out of resentment, frustration, and exhaustion. Now ask yourself, how do you refill your jellybean jar?

There are many wonderful ways to refill and restore your energy and your jellybean jar. Such holistic modalities such as Reiki, Shamballa, or Crystal Therapy focus on your energy or your chakra system. They help to restore your energy by bringing vitality back into your body, mind, and spirit. These treatments are effective methods for you to receive nurturing, rest, and relaxation all at once. But there are other ways you can refill your jellybean jar. When you allow yourself time to break from everyday stress you allow yourself a chance to regroup. Most women do not believe they have the time to enjoy this simple pleasure, guilt free. During a busy day, I encourage you to take a 10-minute break to practice some deep breathing, meditate, or enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea. Chances are, this brief diversion will help refill your energy as well as your spirit.

Another delightful way of raising your energy and refilling your jar is by being with a nurturing friend or family member who revitalizes your energy and does not drain you. And do not forget the basic steps you can follow such as eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, receiving proper rest, meditating, exercising and moving your body, and remembering to laugh and play. I hope you try some of these methods to refill your energy and your jar full of beautiful colorful jellybeans.

Trisha Matthies is certified as a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. She is also trained in the use of Shamanism, Healing Crystals and Tibetan Singing Bowls. For over ten years, she has studied various healing techniques, allowing her to offer her clients a unique blend of methods utilizing Reiki, crystals, guided meditations, aromatherapy, and sound vibration.
Trisha uses her experiences as a healer to help you with your personal blocks and needs not only to avoid illness, but also to achieve balance and wellness.

Trisha treats clients with physical conditions, although specializes in assisting women and children in need of emotional and mental release and balancing. She is owner of “The Healing Moon”, where she conducts sessions in a warm comfortable setting located in her Norwood location.

If you are ready to make a positive change to your life and spirit, and Trisha is intended to assist you with your healing, she believes you will be guided to her path to meet. Contact Trisha at 781-762-4740 or visit her website at

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