Parent's labor chart

August 28th 2006 - MOM'S LABOR CHART

Please take time to record what occurs during your labor. Describe how your contractions are feeling: mild, progressing, intense. Write down what you eat, drink, etc. Periodically, time your contractions.

CTX Mild - Mom happy, able to relax. Uncertain if in labor. Alternate rest and activity. Sleep. Drink. EAT. Take a bath. Start recording.
CTX Progressing - Mom having to breathe. Alternate rest/activity.Drink. Eat light foods – soup, yogurt.Call Midwife.
CTX Intense - 5 mins Difficult to relax. Distracted. Comfort measures. Breathe. Alternate rest and activity. Fluids, broths, popsicles, etc. Call midwife.
Water Broke? Time______ am/pm Color________ Amount______ Odor______
CALL midwife
DATE___________________ TIME____________ am/pm
Time CTX starts_______
_______ continue on a separate sheet of paper.
Time CTX ends _______
_______ continueon on a separate sheet of paper.


What do your CTX feel like?

Are you active or resting?
What are you drinking and eating?

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