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Article about Byron Katie Work by, Patti Alessi

August 12th 2020 -

How does one pick a War, Fight It, and have a Peace Conference simultaneously, with productive outcome? Or, at least an experience an unclenched fist. Take your war thoughts, and write them down.
Whether you are taking it out on someone else or internalizing it... It is War. We fight, we Repress, we become Depressed, Despondent, we Eat it ,Drug it, Attack and Bomb it... and "It "doesn't leave...does "It"? It gets stuck in our psyche, our body or maybe picks a fight with someone else.
These thoughts left unquestioned, un-mentored... become eruptions. Our outlets can be small break-outs like a minor pimple of a thought,
or a major tsunami wave of overwhelming flood thoughts. Our inner perspectives need our attention. From the smallest whimper & whine,
to the Loudest Decibels. Stressful frustration equals internal war-making. Take a gander at what people all around the world call,"The Work"... It is a way to be in Reality and participate in your own Peace Talks. This is a way to help yourself and embody peace. Application of the Four Questions and Turn-arounds can quell tantrums. "The Work", of Byron Katie/The Website has a plethora of info for you. Good Adventure! Sincerely; Working My Thoughts as well...

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Idea Article; Author: Patti Alessi//Reference Quote: from Book "All War Belongs on Paper" by,Byron Katie/ "The Work" of Byron Katie.