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Quantum-Touch therapy: Health and Wellness in Our Own Hands
How Quantum-Touch therapy works

July 19th 2006 - Quantum-Touch® therapy: Health and Wellness in our Own Hands

The 21st Century has promised to be a time of great change. We have information on this time as being the time of no time, or a time when change will take us to new and more wonderful places. In the century leading up to the 21st, we experienced the bloodiest century in history. What is in store for us during the 21st century? Where are we as we begin this century?

Since the 60’s we’ve been increased our awareness regarding our innate powers in little bits and pieces. Some of us have been listening and operating on these new concepts, however, this understanding has until now been far from mainstream. However, since the turning of this last century, more information is available about such phenomena as the healing power of prayer, and the innate abilities of individuals to create an environment of such a high vibration, that other people, animals, and even water, can transform.

In this country we are witnessing health care spending on pharmaceuticals and sophisticated diagnostic technology at higher levels than ever before. The most interesting aspect of this dilemma seems to be that in juxtaposition to this highly complex technology and more and more dependency upon chemicals, we are also witnessing an increase in the understanding and acceptance of some very basic, ancient hands-on-healing technologies. It would seem that the technology development in the outside world, is being mirrored by new understandings and development of technologies in our inner world. In fact, Quantum-Touch therapy, one of the most recently developed hands-on-healing methods, is extremely simple to use, and easy to learn and possibly the most inexpensive therapy to learn as well. It is easily understood, and I expect the rediscovery of a hands-on methods initially witnessed several thousand years ago. In fact, in other cultures hands-on-healing methods have always been used.

The basic philosophy of Quantum-Touch is about raising the vibration of the person doing the hands-on work to the highest level possible through the use of breath and focus on intention, feelings of love, and gratitude. This creates a high resonance for the person requiring healing to entrain to. Fundamentally, when we look at energy and vibration, all illness and dysfunction of individuals and of society can only exist at a low vibration. When we raise our vibration, these conditions can no longer continue. During sessions with clients in my practice, I ask people to evaluate their pain on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the greatest amount of pain. Often this level of pain is constant and at a level of 10+. Imagine their surprise when following a session the pain is reduced to a 5 or 3even a 3 and usually the remaining pain is intermittent. This phenomena is accomplished by resonance and entrainment.

We are living in a time of great change upon the planet, and we have only to look at the popular titles in the bookstores to be aware that something profound is taking place within the hearts of people, but also within the planet on which we live.

Gregg Braden links the changes on the planet to the changes taking place in our bodies. He also addresses the impact of emotion on the DNA double helix. Higher vibrational expression of feelings creates more wave forms on the DNA and lower vibration creates less waves. Sandra Ingerman, best known as a teacher in the Shamanic tradition, has been using sound vibration in the form of drumming and toning to transform personal and environment toxins all over the planet, particularly with water.

Marko Pognacik, an artist from Slovenia, has been traveling the globe doing lithopuncture, an art form used with sound vibration created by toning to transform earth were nature spirits have left into living earth. Machelle Small Wright works with battleground energy and vibrational medicine in the form of plant essences to clear and change the soil where the blood of young men has been spilled
Most of use are aware of the books by Dr. Wayne Dyer, entitles the Power of Intention, and the channeled material by Abraham/Hicks entitled Ask and It Will be Given, also the Lyn Grabhorn books about positive thoughts are all about holding a high vibration to create positive outcomes. Indeed, this seems to be the time to take charge of our lives creating health, and healthy environments by technology that we hold within our own structures.

During the Quantum-Touch trainings, students learn to raise their vibration by various techniques which they then practice on each other. They also learn about the techniques for manifestation and the art of distant healing. Although we do not practice animal healing in class, the results of various sessions with animals are shared. In fact, recently a QT student worked with a neighbour’s pet who had damaged a muscle in the lower back, causing the dog great pain and the inability straighten it’s back so that the tail stuck out to the side. Hours at the veterinary clinic brought no relief, however 10 minutes of QT had the dog’s back straightened and the tail sticking out where it should rather than to the side. Two more 10 minute sessions and the dog was fine.

Some of our present day accepted therapies use body manipulation with limited results, particularly in the long term, however, individuals with debilitating pain and severely reduced range of motion are beginning to realize that these therapies represent a never ending story and that they will be in therapy for the rest of their lives.

When people turn to Quantum-Touch, they are unbelievably surprised at how quickly and effectively they feel the results. In fact, many people hearing a talk that addresses the results of QT believe that I am not telling them enough about how it works, simply because it is too simple.

This is a wonderful healing modality developed by people with a very loving nature, wishing to share what they could do naturally with all of us. Although I have used other methods of energy healing, I fell in love with QT from the first moment of awareness. I use QT on my dog, my house, my garden, and myself, as well as with my clients. Actually, when we run energy we are healing ourselves in the process, and become healthier and

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