Energy Vortexes
Sacred Sites in nature

April 27th 2006 - Sacred sites in nature take us beyond ourselves and our everyday lives to connect with the earth. Visiting a sacred site provides a spiritual and aesthetic experience that can not be described in mere words, becoming one with nature and through nature with all creation.
What makes a site sacred? It's the energy. Some well known sites like Serpent Mound, Machu Picchu, and Kilauea Crater move us in powerful ways. Just being there is inspiring. Just making the connection with the energy present renews and awakens the human spirit.
Not all sacred sites are well known. Some are secret places, discovered only by those who sense the energy. There are many of these places in the Sedona area, places where most tourists don't go, places to connect with vortex energy. Vortex energy sites are power points that intensify personal psychic energy. Some vortexes are associated with connecting to past lives, releasing negativity and growing spiritually. One of the secret vortexes is for manifestation of your dreams. For individuals and small groups, Healing From The Heart offers Vortex Visits in Sedona to well known and secret areas with a concentration of vortex energy. If you want experience the energy for yourself, call Cynthia Tierra – Holistic Health Practitioner/Reiki Master Teacher of Healing From The Heart (928) 821-0989

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