Connecting With your angels or guides
We all have guides and angels, How can we access their messages to us?

April 19th 2006 - Connecting with your angels, guides and animal totems

I have a friend who loves hockey as a hobby. One of his friends on the team was killed in a car accident, very young, in his twenties. Michael had a dream in which his deceased friend skated right over to him and said, “We were really good friends, weren’t we?”
Because of my interest in this sort of thing he asked me whether that was a real visit from his friend’s spirit. “Of course it was,” I reassured him, “deceased loved ones can choose to stay and help us as spirit guides. The easiest way for them to reach us is in our dreams. Deceased pets can also visit us in dreams. Even the spirits of people we have not yet met can appear in dreams.”
“People we have not yet met?” he asked.
So I told him about meeting my husband in a dream a year before I met him on the physical plane. Dreams of this sort, lucid dreams, are related to astral travel. We all travel in our sleep, and are not limited by space, time, or the plane of existence of those we visit with. We meet beings there which have messages for us.
“You mean like angels, and the helpful fairies which appear in so many fairy tales? I’ve always thought that the fairy godmother in the Cinderella story acted suspiciously like an angel. ”
said Michael.
. “But you’ve had more direct messages from angels?”
“Yes,” I said,” I saw them as a toddler, I’ve been rescued by them at least four times, followed their advice and all the rest of it. So have you, very likely.”
“Huh?” Michael asked, momentarily at a loss for words. “How is it possible that that could have happened and me not know about it?”

“I believe that most people have had all those experiences and just did not recognise them as such,” I explained. “Everyone has had gut feelings about people or decisions they had to make, and you know that when you ignore those feelings it’s not going to work out well. But let’s talk first about angel rescues.”
“I remember you telling me about being picked up out of the path of a speeding car.”
“Right, “ I said, that was pretty dramatic, all right, but my brother, who saw it happen as a boy of 12, still thinks that there must be some sort of scientific explanation for what he saw. That’s what I mean about not recognising it when you see it. He saw me as a child of nine spinning away from this speeding car which he said must have hit me. Of course that would have at least seriously injured me. But I felt that I was picked up out of the car’s path and put down by the side of the road. There wasn’t a scratch on me. I could have been killed, but it wasn’t my time.”
“Okay, so let’s say that was an angel rescue. Do angel rescues have some things in common?”
“Yes, they do Sometimes a person appears out of nowhere and does something to help you out or to rescue you from danger. Then they disappear. And where there should be evidence, like tire tracks in the snow, there is nothing. The rescuers always disappear before they can be thanked. You even see ads in the paper sometimes, saying,” Would the person who helped me out in such and such an emergency identify themselves so I can thank them properly.”
“Why do the angels disappear?” Michael asked.
“It’s awfully difficult for an angel to coalesce a body to itself within a matter of seconds in order to effect a rescue.” I told him. It takes a lot of energy. There is really no reason to hang around after the deed is done, so they return to spirit form at that time. Also, sometimes it is just a voice, like the lady who heard a man’s voice telling her to move her baby to the other side of the back seat. A few minutes later her car was broadsided by a truck and her baby would have been killed.
Sometimes it is an unseen rescuer. The angel who lifted me out of the path of the car was not visible. A couple of years later when I got plucked out of a crowded swimming pool in which I was drowning, I never got a good look at the person who pulled me out.”
“But don’t angels like being thanked?”
“Of course they do.” I told Michael. “Angels, like animals, are all about unconditional love. So they love to hear that you love them.”
“Would I have to talk out loud to talk to my angel?” Michael asked. “That would feel weird to me.”
“No, not at all. They are not given the authority to read your mind , but if you send out your thoughts to them, they will then be able to hear you.”
“You said thoughts. Don’t you mean prayers?’ Michael wanted to know.
“No, you only pray to God. You can talk to angels, tell them what you want their help with, and they will move Heaven and Earth to make your dreams come true. Also there are things that are meant to happen to you, and they help to being them about.”
When you are really in the flow of doing work you love, when it seems effortless, it is because unseen hands are helping everything fall into place.”
“But does that apply to everyone?”
“Look at it this way,” I said. “All mothers have intuition about their children’s whereabouts, or the thought that they might be in danger. Many of them pray if they think it will help. I use the angel’s help in a very direct way. When my daughter used to stay out late, I would always ask her angels to let me know that she was okay. Then within a minute, she would call.”
“”But you know the names of your children’s angels. Most people don’t.”
“You don’t need to know the names of your children’s angels to communicate with them,” I answered. “That is more for our convenience than theirs. Every mother is given access to her children’s angels. She simply has to say, “I need the help of my child’s angel.” She can say that in her head, or out loud if it’s feasible.”
“And your own angel?”
“You have more than one,” I said.” I call upon them by name or just in general, and they help me all the time, with everything. I don’t think that it is essential for people to know the names of their angels. Anyone can learn to listen for that still small voice when they have a problem. It’s just that most of us don’t really know how to listen.”

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