Ten Questions about Past life Regression for the Rob McConnell Radio Show
Hypnotic Past Life regression

April 19th 2006 - Ten Questions for the Rob McConnell X-Zone radio show
Wednesday, March 29th, 11p.m.-12a.m

1.) Why would people want to know about their past lives? A person may have a phobia caused by a previous traumatic death. Fear of water may be related to having drowned, for example. Knowing the details, and understanding that the issue is not relevant to this lifetime, is very therapeutic. I had one client who was afraid to be left alone with her own children. She thought she was incapable of caring for them and keeping them safe. She learned that in a previous life her children had died in a fire and she had been unable to save them. When she realized that it was all in the past, the client felt much more comfortable being a mother in this lifetime. She was able to let go of the fear that her children would be hurt. Oakville April 17,2006 People often ask how they previously knew those who are currently in their lives. One client asked how she had known her boyfriend before,. When regressed, she described wearing iron pipes which were cold and uncomfortable, standing in front of a stone building, guarding the lady who lived inside, who she loved. I asked whether the lady returned her love. She said the lady was way above her station, but once she had danced with the lady and kissed her and the lady had kissed her back. I asked if the energy of the lady was familiar to her. She said yes, it was her boyfriend.
2.) How do our past lives influence our present lives? We may be born with unusual talents, for example, Beethoven composing music at 5. Or we may have a fear of water. One female client with this fear described being on the deck of a sailing ship, being a sailor, and having the huge waves pouring over the deck, knowing that the ship was about to go down. Or people may have a strong attraction to a particular time period or place. One young English man and his Jamaican fiancé are both strongly attracted to Scotland, where they loved each other in a previous life but were not allowed to marry as she was from a wealthy family. The young man was dragooned, meaning he was captured and forced to join the navy. The young lady swam behind his ship until she drowned. When they went on vacation in Scotland, everyone thought she was crazy when she had an impulse to jump into the North Atlantic for a swim. One thing that most souls want to do in a new life is to revisit the scene of their death in a modified way, this time surviving. This is very healing. Now the young couple are planning to marry in Scotland. Knowing the details of who we used to be can enrich our lives in all sorts of ways.
3.) Is past lives the same thing as reincarnation? Not exactly. People often describe reincarnation as the belief that they will be reborn as exactly the same person. This is not the case. Most of us change gender, race, social class, capacity and so on from life to life. This gives us the opportunity to learn what we need to know next. In fact, we choose what we will learn in our next lifetime in the Bardo state between lives. The other question related to this is whether human and animal souls are interchangeable. In hundreds of past life regressions I have never seen a person who remembered a life as an animal. I did have one who remembered a life as an alien. I believe that animals have souls too, and can come back to another, similar animal form. Of course that’s a whole other topic.

4.) Is it dangerous? Not at all. If the person is reliving something painful, I always tell them to float above their body and recount what is happening without experiencing the physical pain. It can certainly be an emotional experience, but it is important for people to express that emotion. The whole point of this experience is to do the healing and forgiving which lets us put that life behind us. Forgiving ourselves forgiving those who have hurt us, and also being forgiven, lets us release the karmic ties.

5.) What are some clues to my own past lives? Virtually everyone is born with personality traits, interests, attractions to particular historical periods, capacities, or talents which may have little to do with their family of birth. Many children talk about past lives, or act out past adventures, or know how to do things without having been taught. Also, many people have dreams or déjà vu experiences which seem to point to particular places or times.

6.) Will I remember anything when I come out of the hypnotic trance? You will remember the entire experience, which usually involves two lives. Often more information comes through later, as if a door has been opened in your memory.

7.) Will I get a tape? Yes, everything you say will be on tape. This will start with two childhood memories, followed by in most cases two past lives.

8..) What are some examples of past life regression helping with phobias or other information which a person wanted?
I had a client who came in because she had developed a fear of highway driving. She felt that there must be a past –life cause. During the regression the client described wearing pantaloons and stockings and a large cocked hat with plumes. She was a coachman, probably in the 1700’s in Europe, sitting on top of a carriage in which paying passengers were riding, guiding the horses. The coachman, male in that lifetime of course, described driving under a bridge, where a man dressed all in black jumped on him and killed him. So she had been killed by a highwayman.
When she reached the same age as in her previous death, the fear suddenly manifested. Once she knew where her fear of highway driving came from, my client was able to let it go.
8.) Does this work have anything to do with my angels and guides? Your guides have been with you for multiple lifetimes. So it is usually possible during the meditation, between the two lives, to make contact with one of them. I incorporate this into the session.
9.) Did I know the same people in my past lives? If you are having serious issues with anyone at this time, they probably have past life roots. It is very often useful to know more about this. For example, one client wanted to know why she had been repulsed by her husband at first sight, then married him anyway, then divorced him. It was because she had once been the young wife of an obese, vulgar pasha who had many wives. When she did something to displease him he had her sewed up in a burlap bag with a number of cats and thrown in to a river. She developed a sudden allergy to cats at the same age in this lifetime. If someone causes your death, it creates a karmic tie. When those souls meet again, the tie may be just as strong as a tie caused by love. I feel this may have something to do with the alarming rate of spousal abuse. Feeling an instant sense that you have always known a person may not be a good thing. It might be your soul recoiling at seeing its adversary again. But we all know people who keep going back to an abusive relationship. The karmic tie, the feeling that we are meant to be together, may be a mistaken concept of karma. We always have a choice about how to deal with a karmic tie.
. 11.) Does this have anything to do with spiritual healing?
That is what past life regression is all about. Healing from the pain of past lives involves a number of facets. Forgiving and being forgiven, realizing that karma is not at all about punishment but rather about understanding and returning to the essential unity of humanity.

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