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Negative Thinking... "When We Always Believe What We Think"...

August 12th 2020 - "Transforming Darkness Into Light" When we believe that what we think is always true, and its causing stress... It's a lie.
Our Integrity, Health and Spiritual dignity is ignored. We take hold of a thought and imprison it. We won't let it speak it's truth. It becomes bound and gagged. The Negative "Thinker", then becomes chief, judge and jury. We have the keys to the jail yet we dig our heels in and won't put the keys into the lock to freedom. There is no investigation. No questions. It's buried away.

What we think can Create ... What really happens is that we do bury it, imprison it etc, and these things then become metabolized burrowed somewhere in the Physical Body, Psyche, and blocks up Spirit .
Thoughts...It's too painful to look at,so we stuff it somewhere. At some level consciously or sub-consciously we accommodate the unwanted guest/ or pest. Lodging it all somewhere. Multiplied with other stressful thoughts and feelings that have not been questioned .
Negative thought begins to take on form.
We are creating and manifesting...addiction,depressions,cancers,cyst, chronic illness,etc.
We get to hold onto illness,thoughts, opinions and projections. If we want to...
We also have a choice; that will raise the standards. Where can we get rid of negativity? Einstein theorized that energy can be transformed.Energy doesn't disappear. So negative perceptions and beliefs can be looked at as energy, yes? Here is some food for thought.
We are not always in negative thought, some are flies we see and some just get by us with out our noticing.
We can choose peace.
A process, of course. Question your thoughts, and Breathe.
See what Transformational Breath [ / and also "The Four Questions and Turn-Arounds" of Byron Katie can offer you.[]

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