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August 17th 2006 - Offerings from BeLoved TASOM, 2006

and commentaries about them.

Many ask, “Why can’t I find more books, authorities, facts, and resources about what you teach? The easy answer is that we do not promote ways to become powerful in an outer person way. We support inner implosions of worthiness that can be distributed safety to those who ask. We do not support becoming slaves or the mythical-meek. We support confrontation, by permission, to those who appear to be stuck. Confrontation by means of simple-timed-debate of ideas. We do not support being comforted or comfortable. We support that humans appear to be well when they participate in work that eventually includes their LifeWork. Pain and gravity are their friends. We do not support violence, pathological destruction, illegal acts, weapons, drugs or alcohol. They are distraction addictions. We support negotiated, timed, written, and community supported Agreements. We support the adventure of serving, sharing and seeking Earthbased Teachings. We do not support colonized-bigotry. We support humans are as territorial and The Wild Habitats and Creatures. We support adventure is the serving, sharing and seeking of diverse humans. We suggest that humans are still an experiment on this planet and that is the best news to date. We support there are not answers from myself as an authority, rather I/we ask for a rambling of sequential commitment and investment to ‘try on’ ideas, make them your own, and then mentor, if any, productive benefits come from my ideas/guidance.”

Many ask, “Who are you BeLoved TASOM? Why do you spell and write so weird?
(smiling in agreement) Sanskrit is a notion of using vibration, ethereal movement, sensory, colors, element, symbols, and basically unusual ways to gather ideas. I/we write to bring attention to all of those dimensions. My offering is the Sanskrit of BeLoved TASOM….be loved to some. See this as you allowing yourself as being loved within. I/we will be needed by some or to some. I am a collective lifetimes as a human being who has lived 10+ten thousand lifetimes. I allowed my causes and affects and outcomes called Karmas to become a possible ‘Paradigm’. I became most present with this Paradigm as Changing Womyn to the Aboriginal, then Copper Womyn to Indigenous Cultures, then White Buffalo Womyn to North American First Nations Peoples, and more. then Beloved One and now BeLoved TASOM. I have been practicing with all of the societies of EarthThunder to be their SpiritVoice for peoples who ask for guidance and Earthbased Identity. The current human, EarthThunder, is my only Channel and gatherer of my first communities. Only because others who I have tried, died. The current EarthThunder had to leave her reservation families to become a channel for my Paradigm. Her sacrifices of health, former commitments, motherhood, marriage, etc. are not recommended to experimentation. I required she giveaway her voice, life and future in infinite commitment before I would utilize her as my vehicle/conduit/link.
The EarthThunder Societies are worthy all by themselves. They are the notion of this planet as feminine. Especially in safety, nourishment and nurturing. Therefore, in those areas of collective-decision, the feminine is primary. They are also the notion that without GrandFather Sun’s penetration and dying, living is a mute point. The feminine is the Circles of protection so that the Masculine is well to have collective-decision in movement of peoples. Such as, when water and food are scarce, humans are to leave that area to The Wild. The humans are to seek land where water and foods are enough for The Wild and then the humans.
The current Paradigm is dangerous in that it is almost totally masculine authorities in all collective-decisions.
My Paradigm is the basics from the beginning Worlds. Before approaching the suggestion of experimenting with transformation of the current 'box' Paradigm, I/we teach being mindful and intentioned. Such as living in boxes, transportation in boxes, wars that are boxed, and box like thinking.
We liken the notion that this planet developed to encompass about 4 Worlds. About 1992 the 5th World opened. According to Cosmology that could mean all the nourishment and sustaining from this planet is done. If it is, what would you do?

We begin a dialogue of sharing the ideas, notions, and arousal of the ‘big picture’. Always understand written word or email is just one dimension. Community circles have 8 dimensions. Even when communities circle to share, it is still elusive and over whelming. Just noting so you will feel included. Please question everything. Value what is common sense to your current daily survival.

The current economy is fed by extreme polarization. A process in which individuals, families, friends, communities, governments, corporations, ideas, religions, education, health.70-80% of thought-process reveals a random difference of BELIEF. Fed by the peoples’ economy that is stuck feeding some clear-cut and extreme difference.

Let’s suggest that humans in the last 2,000 years are polarized in the following extremes:
1% of the humans living become affluent, influential/documented and in control. Having great authority over 80% of land, water and peoples.
99% of the humans living are in some form of slavery. They are either on some form of welfare programs or 60=% work for their governments, or
working or fighting the 1% who control 80% of land, water and laws.

It is thought democracy is one of the ‘Ways’ to heal that polarization. Appears not enough.
It is thought freedom of speech exposes the slavery, jealousy, ownership, control and Karma. Appears not enough.
It is thought freedom of housing, transportation, education, and lifestyle would transform slavery into individual power. Appears not enough.
Today the masses are STUCK in ‘Battles. Enemies. Blame. Shame. Denial. Disease. Excess/Extreme Atrophy. Neuropathy. and Retail Therapy.

In America ‘Ways’, ‘Beliefs’, ‘Ideas’ appear be experienced if it there is documentation this is 'the' right/ appropriate -authority, political facts and allowed resources. Such as Movies, Celebrities, Doctors, PHD. government/laws, Music or man-made-Religions. Otherwise the information is fiction,

We make the following findings in regard to ‘The American Way of needing analyzing of authority, facts, and allowed resources. Such as the ‘Bible’ is the only source, authority and facts for the children of God/Jesus Understand, or if the authority of your church teaches his version then that is your authority, facts and allowed resources. Please, the politics of publishing, especially in the last 5 decades. Authors are chosen on their potential to sell thousands of books. We have scanned czillion books, films and interviews. We ask that you consider there may be a current ‘male terrorism or male saviors’ are some of the reasons to omit the following:
No history of ‘ThreadPeoples’. Every mention of creation is described using words like ‘Soul’, God, Gods, Goddesses or Great Spirit or One. These are powerful authorities. And they are not the language of Earthbased creation.

Readings on Shamanism, USUALLY FOLLOWED BY PSYCHOTHERAPISTS who are lead by Michael Harner:
• Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman. Harper SanFrancisco. 1990.
The "classic" work by Harner which may have brought the contemporary world to consciousness about the message and power of shamanism for today's inhabitants more than any other book. Discusses how Harner came to shamanism experientially through fieldwork as an anthropolgist in the Upper Amazon and then gives practical how-to methods for us westerners.

• Ingerman, Sandra. Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self. Harper SanFrancisco. 1991.
Ingerman is considered the world's leading practitioner of soul retrieval. This very readable book outlines the basic approaches to and methodology of soul retrieval as practiced today and taught by Ingerman through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies of which she is the educational director.

• Ingerman, Sandra. Welcome Home: Following Your Soul's Journey Home.. Harper SanFrancisco. 1994.
In this, her second book, Ingerman goes further, posing and answering the question: "Once we are healed, then what?" She gives very practical exercises to aid people in "life after healing."

• Eliade, Mircea. Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy. Princeton: Bollingen Foundation. 1964. ISBN#:0-691-01779-4.
First published in 1951, this seminal work by well-known religious scholar, Eliade is the first comprehensive work that proved shamanism to be a world-wide phenonmen, not just in Siberia and Central Asia. This book is dense and nearly 600 pages long, but for anyone dedicated to learning about shamanism and its roots, it is a must read.

• Walsh, Roger. The Spirit of Shamanism. Los Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. 1990. ISBN#:0-87477-580-9
This book is written by an MD/PhD and focuses quite a bit on a psychological approach to examining shamanism in traditional and contemporary cultures. Interesting discussions of shamanic techniques and shamanic states of mind.

• Cowan, Eliot. Plant Spirit Medicine. Newburg, Oregon: Swan, Raven and Co. 1995. ISBN#: 0-926524-09-7. Cowan, a former student of Harner's who has done extensive study with Huichol shamans (Mexico), discusses the use of the spirits of plants to heal clients. He is not giving the plants to people physically, but using instead the spirits of certain plants to cure certain aliments. Cowan teaches workshops in his methods.

• Halifax, Joan. The Wounded Healer. London: Thames and Hudson. 1982. ISBN# 0-500-81029-X
A beautiful book with over a hundred illustrations and photographs of shamans or shamanic themes.

• Halifax, Joan. Shamanic Voices: A Survey of Visionary Narratives. Arkana (Penguin): New York. 1979. ISBN#:0-14-019-348-0
A collection of narratives told by shamans from a variety of cultures. Organized into chapters of themes such as "Journeys to Other Worlds," "The Quest for Vision" and "Seeing in a Sacred Way," these are accounts by the shamans themselves, in their own words. Excellent.

• Vitebsky, Piers. The Shaman: Voyages of the Soul, Trance, Ecstasy, and Healing from Siberia to the Amazon. Boston: Little, Brown and Co. 1995. ISBN#:0-316-90304-3
The greatest strength of this beautiful little book is not its discussion of shamanism, which is in some places just cursory, but its gorgeous, glossy photographs and illustrations. It's a small book; part of the "Living Wisdom" series, but definitely coffee-table quality.

• Doore, Gary. Ed. Shaman's Path: Healing, Personal Growth and Empowerment. Boston and London: Shambhala. 1988. ISBN: 0-87773-432-1
An excellent anthology of articles by authorities in the field of shamanism including Michael Harner, Serge King, Stansilav Grof, Larry Dossey, and Joan Halifax.

• Nicholson, Shirley. Ed. Shamanism. Wheaton, Illinois. 1987. ISBN#: 0-8356-0617-1.
Another very useful anthology including articles on alternate realities, shamanic states of consciousness, and shamanic traditions. Contributors include: Harner, Mircea Eliade, Jeanne Acherberg, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Stanley Krippner, to name a few.

• Kalweit, Holger. Shamans, Healers, and Medicine Men. Boston and London: Shambhala. 1992. ISBN#: 0-87773-659-6.
Kalweit is an ethnologist from Germany. He explores the role of the shaman in traditional cultures and also includes a "call to action" saying we need to heed and learn from shamanic beliefs in order to move forward in this pivotal time on the planet. "We need shamanic schools, medicine socieites, intiation paths, transtherapeutic methods. . ." (252).

• Andrews, Ted. Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small. St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications. 1995. ISBN#: 0-87542-028-1.
Although this book is not directly about shamanism, it has very comprehensive "dictionaries" of bird, animal, and insect totems making it an excellent reference book for discovering more about one's power animals.

• Achterberg, Jeanne. Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine. Boston and London: Shambhala. 1985. ISBN#: 0-87773-307-4.
In this book, Actherberg marries ancient shamanic practices and modern medicine to show how imagery can help patients through pain and help heal diseases such as cancer.

*For a comprehensive listing of shamanism books categorized by culture, go to the shamanism FAQ by Dean Edwards.

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