Is Luck Only for the Irish? Create luck in your life.
Being lucky is about thinking positively! Everyone can create luck and prosperity in her life.

March 07th 2006 - Is Luck Only for the Irish?
How you can create luck in your life.

By Trisha Matthies

March is the month we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing green, listening to Celtic music and drinking ale. The images of scattered shamrocks also bring to mind the expression, “the luck of the Irish.” I grew up hearing this saying. A simple explanation my mother would give when something positive or lucky would bless us. But as an adult, I wondered…. what is LUCK …and how do you get it?

To some, luck is considered an accident of good fortune, and to others it is destiny or fate. I think luck refers to all “good things” that come our way, no matter how small, whether by way of chance or destiny. These “good things” are life’s blessings of prosperity such as health, happiness, and yes, even wealth. They can be so subtle that if we are not paying attention, they can pass us by. Don’t wait to win the lottery to consider yourself lucky; otherwise, you may spend most of your life feeling very unlucky.

So is luck only for the Irish or is it for anyone? Well, it depends on whether you believe you are lucky, or unlucky? I feel being prosperous comes from the way we think of life and ourselves. In my reiki and meditation practice I work with my clients to help them release negative thought patterns and be open to a new way of thinking…positively!

What does thinking positively have to do with living prosperously? Good question. To put it simply, thoughts are energy, and energy makes things happen. Therefore, we have the ability to create our own life; lucky or unlucky, happy or unhappy, comfortable or uncomfortable, depending on our thoughts. For example, I am sure there has been a time in your life that you have felt that a black cloud has been following you around. The more you felt that way, the darker that cloud seemed to become. Many times this “poor me” attitude can send more negative energy your way. This is explained by the concept of “like attracts like”. Energy seems to be drawn to similar energy.

Sometimes, people just get caught in a negative pattern or downward spiral. When we fall into this type of rut, being positive seems impossible. But that is not true. If you can conjure up a negative thought, then you can conjure up a positive thought! Believe it or not, this new way of thinking may take some practice. Here are some steps to start thinking positively, so you can create luck and prosperity in your life!

1. Being Aware of Your Thoughts. The first step is to simply take notice of your thoughts. Do you tend to think negatively? Do you criticize yourself about your appearance, finances, or performance? What about the way you speak to others? Ask a friend or coworker if you think negatively or positively and brace yourself for the answer. Take notice of your thoughts throughout the day and stop them if you start to sway towards the not so positive.

2. Changing Your Thoughts. If you are accustomed to thinking one way, change can be challenging. Once you catch yourself with a not so happy thought in your head stop it, and change it to a positive thought. For example, the breaks failed on my friend’s car. She was very upset focusing on the unplanned financial expense. She felt she was being followed by that big black cloud. However, I brought it to her attention that she was actually very lucky that she had opted to drive home on the slower back roads instead of the fast paced highway. Realizing she avoided a potential accident, she then changed her thoughts from negative to positive and her outcome from being unlucky to lucky! Remember to look for the little blessings in all of life’s lessons, and instead of a black cloud, keep an eye out for a rainbow.

3. Faith in Prosperity and Yourself. Believe that you deserve prosperity and have faith that you can create it. Part of attracting positive energy towards you, is believing that you can. Maybe the Irish are lucky merely because they believe they are!

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