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Quantum-Touch Therapy and a Weekend of Training: What it is and How it happens.
Description of joy and surprise experienced during a weekend of Quantum-Touch training.

January 23rd 2006 - Quantum-Touch® therapy and a weekend of training: What it is and what happens?

By Aileen M. McKenna,

Certified Quantum-Touch practitioner/instructor

Toning sounds and laughter emanating from the training room at the MacLaren Centre this past weekend caught the attention and interest of other workshop presenters and attendees at the Centre as the most recent class proceeded through the second day of yet another amazing weekend of Quantum-Touch in Ottawa. Participants continued to astonish themselves with the results of their sessions and the amount of energy they could feel and generate with each new technique learned during the two-day training. A surprised group they were when they tasted the water they energized on Sunday and witnessed firsthand the difference in taste and texture of the energized tap water to the glass of unenergized water following just 4 minutes of running energy into that water.

Quantum-Touch training weekends begin on the Friday evening with an information/introductory session when I speak to those interested person about the origins of QT, about the experiences and dreams of Richard Gordon and QT, my history with alternative therapies, and in particular with QT, and then about the results I have had in my practice. On this particular Friday evening, there was a pleasant surprise when two interested visitors with QT experience, if not the training, added enormously to the presentation by sharing in one case the results her son had had from Distance Healing, and the other visitor told of his results using QT with his own family and friends after trying out the techniques indicated so clearly in Richard Gordon’s book, Quantum-Touch The Power to Heal.

Saturday morning began with a short grounding meditation as I like to create an environment in which the participants in workshops are grounded and centred when they are enabled to leave behind in the events of the morning journey and be fully present for the workshop information. This proves to be a very effective method of creating a safe and comfortable place in which to work. The group came together quickly and by lunchtime on Saturday there had already been a practice session with great results. Everyone was astonished that within the 3 hour period that they had been together that they were already doing real work, and doing it effectively. Little did they realize at that time, that there was much more to come before the weekend would be complete. Saturday afternoon, and more discussion on resonance, what it is, where we can observe it in nature, how it works in QT, and how to increase and maintain that high vibration that enables Quantum-Touch to be such a powerful healing force. Another great healing practice session, and everyone was reluctantly heading home for prepare for the Sunday.

Sunday morning brought a few tired participants who had spent a restless night and others who had been quite overcome with fatique early on Saturday evening and arrived at the workshop looking quite refreshed. After another journey through the grounding exercise, everyone felt more together, energized and eager to get on with the day. Sunday morning brings discussion on understand and working with energy in various ways including manifestation, distant healing for the group for family, friends, and to countries and situations around the world experiencing violent weather and internal conflict, or any other situation imaginable where healing energy could help. This proves to be a wonderful empowering exercise leaving everyone surprised at how comfortable and energized they are at the end. This leads to the learning of yet another way of running energy and creating even more powerful healing exchanges. When lunch time rolls around, everybody was starving (did we warn you that energy work creates great appetites?) and eagerly looking forward to the rest of the day.

Sunday afternoon is the time for the fun stuff, as Richard Gordon call it, and the impact and results of the rest of the day can be quite a surprise. We work with the charkas, those energy centres within the body providing energy to the various body systems, organs, functions and emotions. We spend some time experimenting and experiencing the use of voice in the form of toning and the benefits of sound vibration in energy healing of the physical body, and discuss the use of this medium in the healing of water and the earth. Although a little bashful at first in using their voices (I was cautioned not to take any photos of the toning practice session) when chakra energy and toning were combined, the shyness quickly disappeared as the power of this combination with the other techniques learned over the previous day and a half were experienced by participants both while taking the role of healer and healee. As expressed in each workshop, this is by far the most powerful session.

The rest of the afternoon is taken up with energizing water mentioned at the beginning of this article, (arrangements are being made for a research project involving energized water and the results will be presented when available) and the short charka charging exercise which left everyone totally relaxed and sitting on the floor wondering if they could actually get up for the journey home. Certificates are given out, papers and instructions are read and discussed, arrangements to attend the weekly healing circle, and all too soon the weekend is over. Hugs, and goodbyes are shared and the world is richer by far as a new group of Quantum-Touch healers emerge from the MacLaren Centre

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