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Ann Marie, an Adult Indigo A.D.D. child of the 50's and 60's, strengthened her Intuition through Tarot. Later, Hypnotherapy added people skills. See how Hypnotherapy can add the polish to your Intuitive Readings.

January 23rd 2006 - A.D.D., Intuition & Tarot Channeling

My Childhood A.D.D.

After a dowdy school academic life of plummeting grades, with `As’ in left brained skills, I became increasingly aware in the 50’s and 60’s I must truly be what all the kids called me, “stupid.” Both my parents were teachers. There was absolutely no known reason why I would not be the highest ranked student in class. Laziness was procured! In response I was grounded, punished, had my favorite things taken away until next report card. Of coarse, none of it helped. Increasingly frantic, my History teacher father was beside himself. Mother felt building my creativity was important, and took me to operas, plays, and bought me paints and paper. As my swelling body progressed to full adolescent egg - release, I was warned I would be as large and athletic as my Swedish Grandmother. Dad, also a hobby rifle range instructor, asked if I wanted a gun. I chose a guitar instead. I loved words, writing and wrote songs. I also loved a great laugh. I adored Carol Burnett, and at that time, imitated her in any way I could. Close friends loved to have me with them at recess. I was a good laugh for all. In class, I became the laugh. Dreaming and analyzing all things around me, it was a true shock when I was called on for an answer. As the teacher stared in my eyes, I would analyze her energy…her morning….her bathrobe and slippers….saw her yanking at her hair….lonely…..a quick unhappy dinner the night before…… her smell from far away. She was asking me for an academic answer?
Typically school conferences would say “Ann Works Far Below Her Level.”
Attention Deficit Disorder was not even a concept at that time; only, “stupid’ or “lazy.’
How you see yourself personally, creates your self image. How you project yourself as a person, brings back like - energy. Horrible Acne soon followed. Though there was a little sexy siren beneath the skin, and my body became petite in my teens, I entered the lost world of A.D.D.

Indigo Children, A.D.D. & Tarot Cards

I won’t go into detail on the rest of my life. I have always had a keen hind sight.
The runner exercises leg muscles. The gymnast perfects technique. The singer strengthens vocal muscles. And the A.D.D. person, strengthens their cognitive abstract intuition.
Whether you can define more A.D.D. is happening as an evolution of Indigo Children, matters not so much as how they are adjusting. Survival is Intuition to an Indigo person.
In 1970, before there was a defined term, “A.D.D,” I found an amazing little deck of cards called “Tarot.” As I sat down to memorize each cards meaning, a wonderful revelation occurred. In a life time of frustrating mathematical flash cards …..I was memorizing abstract visualization meanings. Each card had a thought, or emotional description, based on a life circumstance. I could do this!!!!!!! Over and over and over I memorized the 78 card meanings, and their opposite concepts. But the true mathematical abstract denominator miracle occurred, when 10 cards were put down and created a story! Holy Smokes! My mind entered an exercise it had always been gifted at. Tarot took a thousand and one distracted emotions and thoughts and cut through the fog. It was as if Tarot Cards strengthened my intuition, by teaching me how to set up, single file, my distractions and impressions. Like dominos, at my will, they cascaded into a creative path pattern that led to clarity. Within a year I was doing Professional Intuitive Readings with great accuracy.
To the Renaissance minded geniuses blessed with intuitive cognitive skills, I salute. I realize A.D.D. is not the complete answer to all Intuitive Channeling.

Hypnotherapy & Tarot Channeling

After 30 plus years of Tarot Channeling at art fairs, personal sessions, coffee houses and boutiques, I felt years of people skills were leading to something important. The words I spoke, the rhythm, {like a good comedian,} drove home a point or lost one. The tone of my voice in the morning, often softer and less driven, brought me better feedback on personal impact. It was no surprise that one day, browsing, my path led to an add for the “Transpersonal Hypnotherapy University.”
I applied, paying the $2000.00 + in lessons.
Valuable gems on delivering a message without creating defense, through word use and visualization, based on compassionate and ethical Hypnotherapy Relaxation use, led me to Intermediate Certification.
Living in an area less progressive then the bigger cities around me, was disappointing for Hypnotherapy business. However, one day I realized my Intuitive Reading client return was growing. Feedback was changing. Often client comments hinted “that what a reading brought forth in uncomfortable truths, also brought a feeling of relief, cleared by what needed confirmation.” I was developing a reputation for being an exceptionally accurate reader with a unique style. Privately, I call this new style, Intuitive Hypnotherapy Readings. There is no knowledge of it happening as the reading occurs. Unless a client comes specifically for Hypnotherapy, an Intuitive Reading has the same paced voice word use, and gradual peeling away of layers of blocks. It is in the fact, that now I understand what I need to do to change defensive client reactions, how to pace and use my voice, through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, that has opened a road mapped knowledge to it all. My Tarot Channeling has greatly been enhanced, as has been my client return and acceptance in the Healers Circle through learning Hypnotherapy. There is no more room for self pity in slow business. My Hypnotherapy Certification has not been sought out as much as Massage Therapy in my area. It’s time has not come yet. But everyday I use the golden nuggets of my lessons, in daily Intuitive Reading.

This is a Poem I have written for my next book on this subject.

A.D.D. {The Indigo Evolution}

My father demands that I read the clock.
I flounder, six years old, still not gettting it.
My report cards all read the same.
"Works below her level. Does not follow directions."
{An instant death sentence for a teachers daughter}
1964, ping pong paddle spankings;
then "grounding," the preferred guillotine
of teenage years, continued to try to knock sence
into me. It still didn't work. I just didn't get it.

I learn time o'clock when others learn math,
write and draw through strict homework hours.
What's wrong with me?
Why do words swim on textbook pages?
I stay up late at night, brain dead,
reading over and over right brained script,
never learning...needing confirmation.
State test scores label me "slow,"
Yet "able to philosophize in abstract concept."

Wanting the same dreams of others,
to be a verterinarian, an archeoligist,
I puzzle over required courses in long
scolding hours in "counseling" offices.
Only a short time longer. Got To Get It Right.
Like a numb sleepwalker,
I fight to remember my homeroom number.
"Works below her level. Lazy.
Does not follow directions," my ego mimics.

Blessed strength and adaptability,
and music
flow like water in my blood.
If you can't get it right, be interesting.
I come early into a new intellect
they name, "The Indigo Evolution."

Ann Marie O'Dell 2006 - 36 Years Clairvoyant Tarot Channeler

Annie O’Dell * 36 Years Tarot Channeler * Certified Hypnotherapist

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Published Author of Swirls On a Green Plate, Ann Marie O'Dell, has written a short autobiography on her Intuitive Channeling Career.