A primer on Divine Grace.

- by Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey

This is a brief excerpt from one of my many seminars, classes and workshops I want to share with you. "Heart Centered Reality" is a fourth dimensional realm full of multi-dimensional aspects which in essence are organic tools for our transformation. That is a transformation into a state of re-birth and renewal.

As we go through life we experience difficulties in feeling connected to the Divine Source (Universal God, Mother Earth, Higher - Self, etc.); we find ourselves thinking and / or acting apart from the Divine Source and we feel separated, lacking a sense of true power and control over our own lives.

We become immobilized by FEAR which is an energy drainer and negative attraction that settles in the subconscious mind. Once we step through the door of fear, illusion and doubt we can then make better choices for ourselves. It has been known that when we attached all of our emotions to whatever we are resisting and fearing, then more the same is drawn into our lives. We give the power over to that fear and illusions in our lives.

What is going on inside of our minds and hearts were surely manifest into our own lives. That is why we must watch what we think, feel and say. Just imagine if we are bombarded by over 10,000 thoughts a day... we might be doubling that in our feelings and quadrupling it in our sayings when we speak. But as we begin to "work on ourselves from the inside out" we begin to live that new reality...the heart centered reality.

Sometime ago it was proven that "emotional intelligence" exists within all of us as a capacity of discernment...naturally within ourselves. It is a known fact that our physical body "houses memory" connecting us to every level of experience from a physical accident to a healing experience. Every cell in our body is recording our experiences and every cell has spiritual light to be released to us as well. Our hearts are truly the "Bridge between the Lower and Higher Realms of Consciousness" within the order of the body - mind -spirit system. Tune into your heart and you will begin to feel and experience the many layers of your own reality...your own awareness and transformation. You'll become your own affirmation.

You will then start to prime yourself for GRACE as GRACE BECOMES A DIVINE BLESSING for you throughout your life. As you live from the deepest wells of the heart, all that you thought was forgotten will be remembered. You will begin to release the old patterns of behaviors, thoughts, feelings and actions. Your self-esteem will arise again. Your energy becomes increased and you begin to attract more positive people and experiences into your new world.

God is The One (Divine Providence, Universal MInd, etc.) that bestows the Blessings of Divine Grace upon you, because as you begin to remember you, you also begin to get humble again. Your integrity is re-built and you have restoration.

As you humble yourself to honor and value "THE I AM PRESENCE in YOU" you begin to decree the innate beauty that you are, who you have always been and will be to come. You are a divine aspect of the God - Mind, a Divine Seed of God in action through you. So, Remember that Divine Grace is a Blessing and that in itself is a Heart Centered Reality !

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