You are an energy expressed in numbers !

April 08th 2017 - "You Are An Energy Expressed in Numbers"
- by Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey

Just think how every part of you is really a number...a frequency...a vibration. Every word that we speak, colors we choose to wear, modes of transportation, addresses of jobs, homes, family, friends...everything is being expressed by numbers. Numerology.

How many times have you heard people say --- "Well, that's my lucky number, because whenever I have had a good time, that number appears, seems to be around me all of the time!" Or, how many of you know someone who says the same set of digits follow them from one house to the next, or is on a license plate or is a part of their phone number. Again, Numerology - the science of numbers and their hidden influence in our lives.

Well, it's simply not an accident. God has His way mapped out for us and we choose a destiny based on numbers. We are conceived on a specific date in time by two other people who have their own set of numbers; and then, we emerge from the womb on another set of numbers.

We can meditate, pray and receive divine guidance and spiritual light through numbers. Past lives are researched and we can come up with probable years of existence and / or a specific year. We can have a spiritual re-awakening, a re-birth one might say...Right now many people can tell you when they received a specific spiritual revelation that changed their life and what date it occurred. Even the astrologer works with numbers to measure the angles between planets and what degrees the occurrences express in each astrological house.

No matter how we look at our lives and the life around us, everything, everyone, Mother Earth, Angels, etc.,is a manifestation of spiritual light and energy expressed through numbers. This is why I call it "THE KEY to LIFE is NUMEROLOGY".

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"You Are An Energy Expressed in Numbers"
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