The Art of Manifesting Your Heart's Desires.

April 08th 2017 - The Art of Manifesting Your Heart's Desires
-by Brother Francis E.Revels-Bey

Often in our lives we need to learn how to create and manifest our heart's desires. But in order to accomplish that goal, we must find out what is it that we fear and how to best overcome the fear. Fear is a negative form of attraction and one of the largest energy drainers. It has become a self-imposing barrier which pushes upon us limitations. Some of it comes from others influencing and shaping our minds at an earlier stage of our lives. Even though our elders felt they were helping us, they were also hindering our minds. But, we bless and release them to their higher good. The low frequencies absorbed into the subconscious mind can be weeded out.

There are a total of "Ten Fields of Awareness" in which overcoming fear is the first step. The Universal God - Mind, as the Second Field of Awareness, is where we begin to re-connect and re-discover the Source of true connection and higher purpose. Each one of us is one of many "seed - thoughts" connected to the Divine Mind. We are a part of that Higher Mind and thus have a Higher-Self. So the Universal God - Mind can express itself through us and become God in action on Mother Earth.

The Third Field of Awareness is the principle that "ALL LIFE IS ENERGY" traveling in circles and cycles. Every thought is a unit of energy with each unit being perfect as the Divine Mind. That essence of thought is a seed in itself carrying revelatory power and creative potency to manifest itself. Therefore, bringing something from the unseen into the seen world as what you desire already exists in the spirit realm.

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The Art of Manifesting Your Heart's Desires
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