Into the Realms of Joy
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May 10th 2006 - A New Beginning
~ A’aragon

One of the greatest deterrents to spiritual growth is dependence on outside issues. No one who places dependence on outer events (people, places, experiences) will attain the degree of mastery and joy that is available. The reason is simple. What we outwardly experience is merely a reflection of an inner state of being. To put it another way, Inner Reality is often upside down and backward of how we perceive it. And since truth and reality are not linear concepts, it is a rare thing indeed to see the outer as a direct reflection of the Inner.

One of the greatest facilitators of spiritual growth is the practice of thinking in terms of analogy, observing the patterns of experiences. This type of thinking is the result of being willing to practice perceiving for oneself the meaning and truth of things. When in a state of consciousness that we would prefer to transform, it is wise to first realize that it is our habitual thinking that got us there. Thinking in a new way is not the “end all” answer, but it certainly gets the ball rolling. This way, we begin to consciously step out of old cycles and patterns of thinking, which makes available new worlds of ideas to choose from which we couldn’t otherwise have seen. It is a simple if not always an easy thing to do. We aim to recognize thinking we don’t value (the kind that brings up emotional pain) and ask within questions like, “How else can I see this?”, “What is my Divine Truth in this matter?”, “How did I create this?”

Ask every time the old thought surfaces. As soon as we get a new idea that is comfortable, we begin (practicing) using it. That is, to remind ourselves of what is really going on, regardless of appearances. It’s okay to change the thought a dozen times to find one that clicks. The main thing is to put a stick in the spokes of the old cycle and consciously choose what to think. Years of practicing old ways of thinking won’t change overnight or in a moment. But the more we practice, the more effective we become. A behind the scenes benefit of this effort is that we gain in SELF empowerment, the SELF that is the Divine Spark that we are. It is the part of us that we are least acquainted with and most in need of knowing.

As we practice, circumstances begin conforming to these new ideas of ourselves. How do we know where to start? By addressing whatever is prominent in our awareness. That is the idea holding back the most energy and therefore, the one we are most able to transcend. It’s like a balloon, the more inflated it is, the easier it will pop.

As we go through this journey of awakening, it is wise to remember that each of us has something to contribute to global transformation, but more importantly, we have much to contribute to ourselves. No matter what the appearance, we simply cannot contribute beyond the understandings of our personal evolution. To attempt it is to contribute to the disease rather than its resolution.

It is even as I share with you now wisdom awakened as the result of my personal experience. But rather than spend much energy in telling you the truth as I see it, I would offer you ways to discover your own. There is no other way to develop wisdom but from within. There is no other way to recognize the Power of our own Divinity except to demonstrate it to ourselves. There is no other way to Ascend, to go Home, but by our own initiative.

Unthink & Rethink

It was shared with me at the beginning of my spiritual search, “For God’s sake, be willing to turn loose of everything you think you know about anything, but especially what you think you know about ‘God,’ and start over...Remember to remember to practice a new and different type of thinking...Start from where you‘re at!” So I became willing. I have since realized, through practice, that these are some of the most profound instructions ever shared with me.

When I was invited to forget everything I thought I knew, especially about “God,” and start over, I was simultaneously frightened and relieved. Relieved, in that something within me knew that it was okay to defy what I had been taught was true about “God.” Frightened, in that I was about to challenge everything I thought was true about “God.” I felt angry, hateful, vengeful, and belligerent toward what I knew to be “God.” My conception, once I honestly admitted it, was “paranoid, schizophrenic tyrant.” So I was terrified of “God,”, terrified of defying “God,” and terrified of the consequences of not defying “God.” Finally I faced this entity despite my fear, only to discover that when I did, the illusion of it, bit by bit, just melted away.

I began to realize that what I thought I knew were things that to me in that present state, I did know. I did know “God” was out to get me. I did know that there was no help available from “him” or “his” angels. As a result of being willing to let go of those old conceptions and by developing and using my new concepts, I discovered that what I knew turned out to be, indeed, what I thought I knew. The gates to my freedom had slid open. I felt I was finally beginning to live.

So...after demonstrating to my satisfaction that it could be accomplished, I began freeing myself of the illusions of the past. This was only a beginning, but to me it was a most glorious one. For the first time in my life I had a relationship with a Divine Power that I could rely on, that I could trust to walk with me through every challenge I faced. I was no longer alone. I began to realize (RealEyes) that all of the bitterness, hatred and fear I had felt toward “God” hadn’t been toward God at all, but toward the illusions I had been taught and told to accept as true. There is no one and no thing to blame here. I am responsible. And as I claim responsibility, I claim the Power to change.

Something else suggested to me at first that I practice still today is, I don’t use the word “God” in association with my Divine Source. There are many levels of old concepts associated with that word, which, when spoken, activate all manner of unconscious, negative programming. And too, there are many words or phrases that have a more intimate meaning for me, things I can relate to. For instance, I started using the name, “Guardian Caretaker.” It was the one thing I hungered for and felt I’d never had. I felt Truth in that name. It was Real for me. Recalling my old concept, you’ll notice this is an exact opposite. My experience is that when developing new, personal concepts, begin with a perceived opposite. It gave me the needed boost out of old beliefs and thinking habits and eventually led to the birth of MY Truth for me. This I have done and this I continue to do in the manner set forth in this volume. I NOW know that I Am an Awakening Spark of Divinity living in a Joyfully, Abundant Universe. I am convinced that you are, too.

“Dare to Claim your Real Inheritance!”

Paradise Now
~ A’aragon

I ride the tides of majesty,
I taste the light of sun,
All glory to the kingdom,
The journey’s now begun.

Come now closer to me, Love,
I’ll taste of virtue’s pleasure.
Awakened from a fitful sleep
To joy beyond all measure.

From trails along the dark side
Of human sway and bent,
To engage the Master’s secret
A messenger was sent:

Arouse your Self and follow
Golden waves of youth 
The treasure map within you
Of Life’s abiding Truth.

Invisible Friends
~ Milina

I walked among earth’s children,
the Watchful Gardener
And washed their sooty faces clean
Upturned cheeks, ruddy from scrubbing
were grinning a soul beam at me
The joy of tending and pruning
and seeing the love buds awaken 
Is there any more pleasant occupation
in all the universe?
The truest, worthiest use of power
is to oil the locks on the prison
that the babes have built for themselves
so that the slightest hint of trust
will spring them open
Nature and I breathe infinity
into the clammy cells
so our Heart’s Desires will
feel the quickening
We urge them on with every pulsing whisper
“Open, Open
Paradise beckons!”

Life on Earth
~ Audion / Milina

Some of the questions that you are most likely to hear or even ask yourself are, “Why was I put here?” and “What is my purpose?” These are the kinds of questions that people are always trying to answer by using their brains or discover in terms of “doing something.”

Well, we are not here to tell you the answer to these questions but will gladly assist you in obtaining your own. The first thing that we will share with you is that you did not come here to endure endless eons of drudgery and pain. Just because humanity may have forgotten its truth and come to believe this, does not make it true. The answers to your joy lie beneath the darkness and pain that have overlaid them. There are methods outlined elsewhere in this collection of writings that will assist you in cutting through your illusions. So we will share with you from the start that you will not find lasting, meaningful answers to these life questions until you begin to face the encrustments covering them and clear them out of the way.

What you will begin to find as you clear illusion from the surface is that with every new realization there is a discovery about the Real of who you are. You will collect pieces of the puzzle of yourself.

Often, what you will find is that little tinkering hobby that you've whiled away many hours with, off and on throughout your life, is a good indication of what you came here to experience. Sometimes these things are cleverly disguised because of the feelings you've learned to associate with them. Perhaps someone has criticized you for spending time on this or has warned you that you're not good enough at it or that you can't make money doing it. And thus you have integrated judgments toward yourself and your loves.

If you find it hard to know what you like or to become enthused about anything, then you have likely buried yourself pretty deep. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep digging. It really is worth it to feel the joy of enthusiasm.

And if you are concerned about doing what you love for fear of what others think, we ask you, are you going to put off what you came here to experience until another lifetime? What is a lifetime worth? Is the opinion of others worth robbing yourself of your own joy of selfdiscovery? Are you concerned about making money and afraid that your joy will not pay the bills? There may be several things to consider on this point. Your purpose involves being. Being is creative and begets experience. If your being is grounded in materialism you will surround yourself with material effects. If your being is rooted in the spiritual, material effects will have little appeal to you and your joys will be experienced more in the spiritual realm.

Your soul’s purpose is ultimately tied to spiritual development. Your soul will see to it that your physical body is cared for. It is simply for you to trust that it is so. Trusting means being willing to follow your heart’s desire even though you don’t see the means to fulfill it. The energy of trust will draw the means to you. Continually affirm that you are cared for. You don’t have to know how, only know that you are.

If you are firmly committed to discovering your purpose and living it out, here are a few reminders. Your purpose may not seem to be a big thing as valued by the world. This is about a journey of selfdiscovery, not a competition to see who can produce the most effect in the outer world.

Being can be very powerful without appearing to be doing very much. Your purpose may be so out of sync with the values of your oldworld view that it may appear ridiculous until you change your perceptions. That may be one reason that it is hidden from your awareness. Also, there are small purposes that fit together to give you the picture of the larger purpose. Naturally, you will not see the larger purpose until you walk through the smaller ones.

Perhaps the best way to view all of this is to see your purpose as that of pursuing your joy. When you use this as a backdrop, you can identify the values that feed your joy and resolve to focus on them. You will find the time and energy to focus on these values when you free yourself from lesser ones. For anything you are involved with, ask “Does this further my joy?” If there is no way you can answer yes to this, that is obviously a place where you can free up energy to place on that which does further your joy. Commit to your joy and you will discover your purpose.

This is another way to simplify the process of awakening.

Getting to Know You
~ Audion / A’aragon

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Family of Light, we welcome you to the Higher Dimensions which even now you aspire to, though it may not appear so. From your human (ego) perspective, this aspiring may take the form and appearance of what you term difficulties. We remind you that these experiences are difficulties only because you perceive them as such. And they are perceived as such only because you have not yet realized the Power that you are, that you can direct into a proper understanding, to transmute and transcend these experiences.

One of the greatest enhancers, indeed one of the greatest accelerators you have for overcoming difficulties is the frequency you know as joy. Or perhaps you do not know joy because you are busy having difficulties.

Those of you who are attracted to this material are not programmed in your human experience to accept joy. You feel you must qualify for it. We remind you that this was a purposeful framework for gaining certain understandings, but which serves little purpose from the “Higher Perspectives”. The fact that you are Creators, Aspects of the All, makes you qualified, but indeed, there is a great difference between being qualified and realizing your qualification. Everything you experience stems from a state of being. From your human intellectual programming, you have limited greatly, the awareness of your Being. That is to say, you have limited (through ignorance) the outlet through which your Being can manifest. have difficulties.

We delight to offer you a greater perspective of yourselves: the way we see you. In so doing, you might decide you like this new idea of your greater Being. These are not concepts that are easily allowed by the “logical intellect”, the aspect you give most credence to and which, to us, appears most illogical.

So the very act of allowing these new ideas, the practice of constantly reminding yourselves of your greater Being, will assist in opening you to the greater awareness of It. For indeed, you have to connect with and use this greater Aspect, in order to become aware of it within you.

To be sure, the intellect will want to put up a fuss. It does so enjoy the power you feed into it and does not want to feel neglected. It will express as a child, hungry for attention, who will go to any length to get and keep a focus on itself. Now we would say that this child (your intellect) does not need all this attention but it thinks it does because that is the way it has “always” been. So there will be a period of adjustment (should you choose this avenue of Selfdiscovery) where it will fuss. Continue to remind your intellect (the aspect you perceive as being yourself) that All is Well and it is cared for. Pursue its concerns with pen and paper. Within your imaginative spectrum, perceive it as an attention hungry child and ask it about its concerns. Ask it to honestly share with you what its fears are, what it is angry about or jealous over. And continue to ask until you get an answer that resonates as truth within you.

Do not be shocked if it takes several attempts to get to this point. After all, how many times have you been unwilling to share with another how you are feeling inside, even when you felt you really wanted to? Discern for yourself why you would not allow this communication to take place. It is the same for this child of the intellect.

You might discover that this attentionhungry child just wants to know that is is loved, accepted and approved of. And it has developed within itself layer upon layer of ideas or parameters of “this is how love and acceptance is shown to me”. It may perceive your lack of attention as a lack of love and indeed, this is the case if your are ignoring it through judgment of good, bad, right and wrong. If you ignore it as for punishment for being bad, how else can it react? For it feels perfectly justified in its attitudes and beliefs. Therefore, you must diligently practice communicating with it, in an openminded effort to understand where it is coming from, what it believes and why, and where it got those ideas.

Now we are aware that many of you have attempted to do this at some level and it brought forth tremendous emotional pain. Actually, it did nothing but make you blatantly aware of the pain that is held within you: that is present within your being whether you are aware of it or not. Many times when this occurs, you pursue sex, chemicals, “overeating”, etc., in an attempt to distract you from the pain. But that is all you have done, distracted yourself. The pain and its source remains. Eventually you become to a place where there is nothing you can think of that does not cause you pain. Where do you go from there?

Within yourself. For indeed, until you come to terms with the pain and its source in illusion (for only illusion causes pain), you will never transcend it. You can do this, Dear Ones. For it is you who created the illusion, whether deliberately (some of you term it “consciously”, though “deliberate” and “conscious” are not the same) or through unconscious allowing. This is not bad, simply matteroffact, and an issue you can address if you so desire. Since you created these illusions, you have the power to uncreate them: to understand how they came to be a part of your experience. And this you must do if you are to be free, really free to ascend to higher states of Being. These are not states you must acquire for they are already yours. You are simply unaware of them, because in the manner we have just outlined, you give credibility to the illusion.

The very act and intent of objectively observing your painful beliefs gives you the power to rise above them. In so doing, you are stating that you are greater than the illusion, that you are greater than the pain.

When you experience pain in the course of your Inner Research, state clearly, “I am greater than the illusion.” If you cannot comprehend this of yourself, say “I know the Power within me is greater than the pain” and then keep searching within. Keep communicating with this child of the intellect until you gain the understanding of the lesson it aims to teach. Though this may appear difficult at first, if you ever once experience the reality of this exercise within yourself, you will know and know absolutely, the wondrous effect it has. You will be changed. And you will have gained a level of empowerment, for you will have done it — yourself. Know and remind yourselves constantly that the Power IS within you to overcome any obstacles there appear to be to your Awakening and always to the extent you are willing to accept it. We welcome you to the vast expanse of Reality that is you. So Be It.

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