Iron Crotch QiGong for Male Sexual Health
Iron Crotch QiGong was developed for male sexual health. It treats lack of morning erections, male infertility, impotence, erectile dysfunction, urinary problems and improves overall health.

October 25th 2005 - Copyright by Karen Vaughan, L.Ac. , MSTOM

"Iron Crotch" QiGong was developed in China for increased male sexual health. It treats lack of morning erections, male infertility, impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, urinary problems and, since the generative function is at the basis for all functioning, improves overall health.

All men will benefit from this qigong, adapted from Peter Deadman, but avoid it immediately after acute disease or surgery in the groin area. Sexual health is considered the root of all health, and sexual energy imbues more than sexual activity. You can use the emotional power of sexuality to help you accomplish anything and everything you want out of life.

It is best to do these exercises in the morning before dressing or in the evening before bed. In all of the exercises below, take the recommended position, calm the mind, place the tongue on the upper palate and breathe evenly. As you do the exercises feel how your body responds, sending the mind to the area.

1. Running Energy.

Sit, stand or lie on your back. Relax and place your tongue on the upper palate. Imagine a current of energy running from your perenium up your spine, over the top of your head, down your front midline to the perenium. Run the energy continuously, with your mind following the track of the energy. Notice any areas of blockage or heat or cold and send energy to them. Continue running the energy for several minutes.

2. Pushing the abdomen

Lie on your back. Place your right hand over the left and place where your bottom ribs come together on your chest. Push downwards to the pubic bone, concentrating on the sensation. Repeat 36 times.

3. Pushing the sides of the abdomen

Do the same as number 2, but separate your hands this time, side by side, and push downwards simultaneously. This broadens the area affected and treats other meridians.

4. Kneading the navel.

Lie on your back. Place your right hand over your left and massage around the navel 36 times each, clockwise and counter-clockwise. If you feel the sensation of a mass beneath the naval, press and rub with the three middle fingers. (This is usually qi and blood stagnation and will disappate.)

5. Kneading the spermatic cords.

Sit with your legs spread openly. With the thumb, index and middle finger grasp the spermatic cords on the side of the root of the penis. Gently twist them to the left and right 50 times. You should feel a slight aching and distention. Breathe deeply.

6. Kneading the testicles.

Grasp and slightly elevate the root of the penis with the thumb and index finger of your right hand. Massage the left testicle with the left time 50 times. Repeat on the other side.

7. Rubbing the testicles

Sit with your legs spread. Hold both testicles from below with the idnex and middle fingers of both hands. Rub, twist and massage testicles right and left 50 times.

8. Lifting the testicles

Sit as above with the testicles held the same way. Lift as you inhale slowly and lower them while slowly exhaling. Repeat three times. You should fees some distention.

9. Pounding the testicles

Stand, feet shoulder width apart. Make loose fists and gently pound the testicles 25 times each. You should NOT feel pain, but rather some aching distention.

10. Kidney Massage

Stand erect, with loose fists. Reach back to your lumbar area and pound over the kidneys with the open part of your fist 25 times. Turn the fist over, knuckle side to the back, and massage the kidneys until you feel some heat.

11. Chest and back pounding

Stand erect with your hands curled in a loose fist and your elbows elevated to the side. Twist to the left and right. The arm in front should pound your chest (palm toward the chest) and the rear arm should pound your back below the scapula. Reverse. Do each set 50 times.

12. Knee rotations

Stand with the feet close together, bend the knees, bend and place the palms on the knees. Rotate the knees clockwise and counter-clockwise 25 times each.

13. Rubbing Spleen 6

Widen your stance and bend over with the thumbs on your tibia bone just above the inner ankles. Slide your thumbs up. Approximately 3-4 finger widths up you will feel a depression which may be slightly sore. Let your thumbs sink into the depression and rub 25 times.

14. Rolling the stick or ball

Sit with a ball, stick or tootsie roller under your foot. Roll back and forth 50 times with each foot, activating Kidney 1 at the base of the ball of your foot. If the stick is long enough you can do this with both feet simultaneously.

15. Dantian breathing

Sit or stand in a horse position, knees slightly bent, shoulder width apart. Bring your right hand over your left hand and place on your lower abdomen (dantian). Breathe deeply and calmly several times.

For impotence, ED, or inability to maintain an erection this sequence was traditionally done for 100 days without engaging in ejaculation. The idea is that your jing-essence has been depleted and needs to be replenished before making furthur withdrawals. If you engage in ejaculation and find that it depletes you or makes symptoms return, then hold off for a while.

Chinese medicine traditionally holds sexual intercourse to be more replenishing than masturbation, because during the moment of female orgasm you acquire an infusion of her jing. However there are other ways of replenishing jing- food that benefits the kidneys and liver, acupuncture and herbs, warm tender relationships. Men with prostatitis should in fact ejaculate daily, regardless of having a partner since it flushes out the spongy tissue of the prostate.

Iron crotch qigong can treat:

1. Qian Lie Xie - beginning stage of enlarged prostate

2. Yang Wei - impotence and ED

3. Zhu er bu jian, jian er bu jiu - trouble maintaining an erection once you have it

4. Hua tang pao - premature ejaculation

5. Yao teng - lower back pain associated with the Kidney function

6. Da duzi - big stomach "big stomach, small penis" since the treasure is burried (attached to internal structures that do not expand with fat.)

7. Xinzang bing - heart disease which affects the vascularity of the penis as well

8. Ya yi - depression

9. Pi Bei De Yanjing - lack of sparkle in the eyes

10. Mei you xin xin - lack of self-confidence

11. Hen rongyi lei - easily tired due to lack of yang qi

12. Xi guan jie - weakness in knees, attributed to Kidney deficiency

13. Hen rongyi shengqi - easily angered (Kidney yin not anchoring liver yang)

14. Yi jing - frequent wet dreams seen as a leakage of essence

15. Bu neng fang song - unable to relax

16. Hen zisi - selfishness

17. Bu jing chang xiao - inability to smile

18. Mei you you mo gan - no sense of humor

19. Mei you chang zuo gan - lack of creativity

20. Bu jian kang - lack of overall health

There are other versions of sexual qigong, which preceeds the Indian discipline of Tantra historically and in fact may have influenced it. Matt Furey teaches Chuang Shang de Gong Fu at the Chinese Secrets site linked below and there are versions of Iron Crotch available on the web. (I'd recommend avoiding the versions with sandbag weights though.) The book, The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams give additional techniques more oriented to prolonged intercourse.

Male pelvic floor exercises are also important to sexual health. I have descriptions of it in an accompanying article at:

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