What is Channeling
Though the concept of channeling is ancient, it can be both mystifying and unsettling to those unfamiliar with the process. Here's an inside look at this often misunderstood occupation.

July 15th 2011 - “What’s that weird energy giving me goose bumps and making my hair stand on end?” “Darn near every time I look at a clock, it says: 11:11, 12:12 or 4:44. What’s up with that!?” “So many magazine ads mention walk-ins. Hmm, what’s a walk-in?” “What about those flashing blue sparklies? I feel a little crazy sometimes but I don’t think I’m hallucinating. . . .”

When I started my spiritual journey in 1988, these were questions that no one I knew could answer to my satisfaction. Some were questions I dared not ask anyone, ever, nuh uhh, no way! But like a
puppy pleading at my heels, they wouldn’t go away. C’mon, throw me a bone here, they’d say. At least give me something to chew on! My curiosity ultimately drove me to seek beyond conventional ideas and
resources. Way beyond! And while you undoubtedly chase answers for your own set of head-scratchers, you may find as I did, that channeling yields meaningful responses that are otherwise difficult to find.

But what is channeling, anyway? Some new age hocus pocus? A mystical touch of the Divine? An anomaly of a delusional mind? Something con artists claim to do? A genuine spiritual tool?

Depending upon the context, it could be any of the above and then some. But to many on a spiritual path, channeling is a way of communicating between levels of consciousness. It’s an interdimensional phone call of sorts. This is not a new concept. History is filled with examples: The Oracle of Delphi, the Apostle John (see Revelation 1:1-2) and others. More recently, Alice Bailey and Edgar Cayce are notable examples. Channeling has been used since ancient times to access information beyond common knowledge and a person’s usual awareness. It may take many forms. Telepathic communication with other people, animals, plants, Earth/Gaia; communication with nonphysical beings (departed loved ones, angels, guides); intuitive flashes, and creative inspirations can all be considered forms of channeling.

For the purposes of this article, channeling is a spiritual skill that allows communication to and from a non-physical being. A “channel” or “channeler” is a person capable of allowing such
communication. Channeling usually falls into three categories:

* Trance Channeling: where the mind/personality of the channel is “asleep” or unconscious while another presence uses his or her body to communicate.
* Full-Body Channeling: where the channel’s consciousness/soul leaves and entirely and a different soul or entity inhabits and animates that body to communicate.
* Conscious Channeling: where the channel is present and aware of the communication taking place, but stands aside as an observer while another consciousness or soul communicates through them.

Some people make a distinction between a channel and a medium. Many mediums are known for communicating specifically with the deceased, whereas channels are known for communicating with angels, with beings who may or may not have incarnated on Earth, those who dwell exclusively in other dimensions, or who have transcended physical reality (Ascended Masters). However, perspectives vary on this point. How one defines this role isn’t as important as understanding that such distinctions exist.

With all these forms of channeling, the communication can manifest in varying ways. Some channels hear the words and then speak them. Others see images, symbols, and other inner visions and translate them into their verbal equivalent. For others, the non-physical consciousness communicates more or less directly through the channel. The kind and quality of information available depends upon the presence being channeled and the purpose, personality, and state of consciousness of the channel as well as the audience. The channel’s body may exhibit distinct changes in appearance, voice, and
mannerism while the non-physical being is present. The eyes of the channel may be opened or closed. The non-physical presence may use the channel’s body to walk and to perform other physical functions.
A channel may channel their own Soul/Higher Self, an aspect of their Soul other than the one usually anchored in the body, or an entirely different being. These beings may dwell in any number of dimensions that are nonphysical to us here in the earth plane. These dimensions may be in polarity or Unity Consciousness. It is also possible for a channeler to channel aspects of their own personality, although I would tend to call this “acting.”

Polarity consciousness (3rd and 4th Dimension) is the consciousness of separation. Beings within polarity do not fully recognize (if at all) their unity with Source/God and may perceive conditions and express attitudes in much the same way as anyone you meet on the street. Their discussions often pertain to physical reality. While their information may be accurate, and personally meaningful to the
audience, it is not necessarily intended to be spiritually progressive or uplifting. Ghosts and some 4th dimensional (astral) entities from this and other worlds fall into this category. In any channeling, know your intention/purpose and take only what you feel serves you. Leave the rest. Being open-minded means being open to your own inner wisdom too. As with any situation, discernment is both practical and wise.

Beings dwelling in Unity Consciousness are aware of their oneness with Source/God/All That Is. They are unconditionally loving, and view things from a far more comprehensive perspective. For human beings, a lifetime could be represented by a yard stick. For one in Unity Consciousness, that same yardstick could represent hundreds of lifetimes. Ascended Masters, those who have mastered polarity,
transcended illusion, and realize their oneness with Source/God, are not subject to unconscious ego whims, fears, or desires to manipulate. They work to benefit humanity, uphold an individual’s free will, and are unconditionally loving. Uplifting and empowering others, their understanding of the human condition makes them very compassionate, supportive, and inspiring teachers. A dialogue with a Unity Consciousness Being is a transformative and life-enhancing event.

My Experience

In 1991, after three years of diligent spiritual development, I saw the need to seek wisdom beyond what my spiritual mentor could share. When I mentioned “weird energy that might be ghosts,” she just chuckled, facetiously suggesting I talk to them. But her chiding struck a spark. Having viewed a series of channeled videos in 1989, it occurred to me that I might be able to channel for myself. Like
realizing I was hungry, there was no distress. No debate. Just get something to eat. Guidance led me to the book, Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Following their directions, I intended and subsequently opened to the highest guide aligned with my life path. The relationship with that guide (and many other Light Beings eager to share with me) grew steadily.

For three years, I would channel occasionally, then completely forget about it for months on end. Then, in October, 1993, while reading a book aloud to help me remember, my voice went through four distinct changes. Though surprised, no anxiety tainted this strange occurrence. Somebody wanted to visit. Upon tuning in, they said basically, “We're here to let you know it’s about time to do what you
came here to do. We'll be in touch.” Three months after that experience, combined with a series of seemingly unrelated synchronicities, I moved to Western North Carolina.

When I started channeling, I was grateful for the guidance I received. I never suspected that I might one day serve others in this manner. After all, with few exceptions, people would think I was either nuts or possessed or both. I had tried channeling for my one metaphysical friend who was psychic enough to see the guide overlighting me. The Presence was strong. The impulse was there. I just couldn't let the words flow. Yet, upon arriving in Asheville, NC, that block dissipated completely. Within days I was channeling regularly for people I met and was soon invited to channel at local groups. That was 1994. I've been at it ever since.

As a conscious channel, I am aware of the communication between the guide/Master and those we serve. As I attune to their presence, a soft, tingling glow envelopes my body even as a profound radiance of Love and Peace saturates the room. It’s spa time for your spirit. Then the dialogue commences as I follow along.

I channel eyes open, though it didn't start this way. That inspiration came after an encounter with another channeled teacher. Acquaintances of mine, a marketing team representing Jani King and P'Taah at the time, asked if I'd like to team up with them and a couple of other channels for what became later known as the "channel panel." I, of course, readily agreed. They, of course, wanted to witness my work in advance. During that meeting Jani, a full body channel, graciously agreed to channel P'Taah for a brief encounter. Her (His) eyes took on a brilliance and depth I'd never experienced before -- a gaze that billowed unconditional love, acceptance, encouragement. I realized then that looking into the eyes of pure love as the guides communicate is a profound experience that communicates so much more than words could ever say. I had to make that experience available in my own work.

When channeling, my facial appearance changes, as does my voice according to which guide is present. We gesture and walk around, through their movements are more graceful and fluid. We've also shared walks in the woods, wading streams, and eating, though the guides eat at what I would consider a painfully slow pace (my lesson in patience). But when they do eat, I feel every texture and taste what seems like every molecule of the food (my lesson in appreciation). For them, everything is a spiritual teaching. Until Chokai, the Master I've channeled longest, I didn't realize what profound wisdom could be gained from munching chips and salsa! Though I get a little spacey afterwards, their presence is uplifting, never draining. My body pleasantly “hums” for an hour or more. Specifics of the dialogue fade like a dream with the exception of guidance I recognize as personally relevant.

Over the years, I've heard people express concerns about channeling. They believe that the channel’s ego/personality adversely influences the guide’s communication. Though that’s apparently true for some channels, this is not necessarily or always true. In cases where this appears to be so, it is more likely that the person is actually “channeling” aspects of their own personality rather than a guide.
This can easily happen if the channel is not sufficiently perceptive or discerning. The “guide” may appear to be another entity, when it is really an individuated aspect of the channel’s ego. The channel may also be channeling a 4th Dimensional being that is knowledgeable, but not spiritually evolved. That’s why using your discernment, knowing spiritual truth and listening to (and from) your Heart, is so important. But that’s true of any interaction. It is also possible for people to misinterpret a guide’s intent or meaning.

For the record, I can and do exert an influence over the communications channeled through me. This was encouraged by the Masters I channel from the beginning -- and far preferable to subjecting myself to whatever happens to be billowing past. I can stop a channeling at any time, though it’s rarely necessary. Once, a group participant made a hilarious comment. My laughter exploded. The
conscious connection with the guide was broken. Once I recovered, I easily reconnected and, after joking about the experience, the guide proceeded with the dialogue. I can also choose not to channel when it
isn’t appropriate to do so.

Guides usually communicate within the scope of the channel’s priorities, purpose, and personality. In my case, that’s spiritual growth and healing facilitation through a “right-brained“
(feeling-oriented) personality construct. They often teach through analogy and metaphor, facilitating transformation while providing useful teachings. They emphasize “how” over “why,” showing people ways to manifest their intentions rather than to simply predict what might happen. Each type of channeled material serves a purpose for its intended audience. Not all channels are alike. It’s a matter of finding what resonates with you. Generally, the higher the guide, the more simplified, comprehensive and spiritually progressive their teaching is.

Channeling for yourself and channeled services can be tremendously beneficial if you want to access new information or higher guidance. New, broader perspectives make a world of difference when you're blocked or confused. If the concept of channeling and channeled information is new to you, be willing to explore it with an open mind and heart. It’s a great way to access additional insights and
potentially life-changing wisdom. Or find a channel that presents information most aligned with your priorities. Many people are naturally skeptical of such strange phenomena and rightfully so. I've served several confirmed skeptics over the years. But my attitude (and that of those I channel) is, it doesn't matter to me if you believe I'm channeling or not. That you benefit from what we share is sll that matters.

© 2003. Jaraan Onai, author of The Path Of Oneness and founder of Do’Hai™ Facilitation is a channel, mentor, and healing facilitator helping people internationally awaken and create happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. He may be contacted at 828-348-0283 or visit http://soulgate.byregion.net.

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