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Lemurian Light Healing, Volume I: 8 Audio CDs

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Discover the ancient energy that is the wave of the future. This set consists of 8 beautifully packaged CDs that invite you to dive deeply into your roots as a spiritual being, possibly one of the original Lemurians.

Learn the essential elements of Lemurian Light Healing. In both volumes I and II, deep meditations will help you absorb the energies, from the first wave for working with bones and muscles, through the emotional/mental/causal waves, to, at long last, the seventh wave of bliss and enlightenment. Discover a practical, mystical system to address healing on all levels and provide profound spiritual growth. Take it deep as you enjoy all the meditations and healing processes you would experience if you were enrolled in a Lemurian Light Healing Workshop.

Individual downloads are available at www.shop.pamelaarwine.com.
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