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All Heal Energy Treatment Xtra Strength 1oz

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This version is at least 6 times stronger than the original version. This is a complete energy treatment in an essence combination. It is interactive and can be used for anything. One sets the intention for use and then takes 1 to 5 drops for immediate support for 2 – 3 times a day—more if needed (trust your Guidance). One can take 10 -15 drops or more (trust your Guidance on amount) for a full treatment when one has at least 30 minutes before having to be active and alert or one can take it at bedtime.

It is wonderful for dropping into a meditative brain wave for actual meditation or before doing energy treatments as well. It is great for general relaxation, pain relief, and for increased energy and healing depending on what one needs at the time of taking it.

All Heal contains the 4 Usui Reiki symbol frequencies, 2 Tibetan Reiki symbol frequencies & all 12 Karuna Reiki symbol frequencies, Reconnective Energy, Switchwords, an Energy Clearing Prayer, a Centering Prayer, all of the BioGenesis Tools, Wheels & Rings with Sacred Geometry in the BioGenesis Wing Water treated to remove toxins & energize with the Earth’s grounding energy.

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Size: 4 inches by 1.25 inches
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