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12 Month Astrological Forecast

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Judith’s unique style of forecasting, which has been acknowledged by rave media reviews on TV and radio stations and numerous publications, can be yours too! This specific forecast for the next twelve months targets EXACT dates and times. It is based on Transits, Major Progressions, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Directions, the Lunar Cycle and the Solar Return Chart. Correct timing with ventures can make all the difference in your life between success and failure. This forecast covers all areas of your life from personal to professional, from the correct timing of making investments, to times for job interviews, matters of the heart, or even that important “first date”. If you’re going thru a divorce, need dates to handle a legal matter, or have any other pressing personal concern, then this forecast will help guide you out of the darkness and into the light. If there are specific questions that you want answers on and want Judith go into them in depth, such as a court case dates, etc. please email the questions. No problem is seen as insignificant.
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Member:Judith Ryan
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