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Journey to the Akashics 2 CD Set

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2 Incredible Journeys Connect You With Sacred Knowledge! 2 CD Set by
Pamela Arwine ~ $29
CD1: Journey to the Akashics: All true knowledge, guidance and healing
lies within! In "Journey to the Akashics" you are taught to activate the higher levels of your consciousness, access the Akashic Rcords and tune into your awareness of All That Is! (45 min)
CD2: Return to Innocence: This program brings you into the heart of God to find and retrieve the original blueprints for your perfect self-creation.
Create shifts in your DNA, your consciousness and your innate knowingness of your original perfection, beauty, glory and innocence. (45 min)
Category:Akashic Records
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Member:Pamela Arwine
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