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Become Your Own Boss! Start Your Own Holistic Health Practice Today!

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Become Your Own Boss! Start Your Own Holistic Health Practice Today!
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· Are you tired of wasting your talents working for someone else?
· Have you always dreamed of striking out on your own but just aren’t sure how to make it happen?
· Are you a holistic health professional, or interested in becoming a holistic health professional?

Did you know that over 50% of the health care sought out by Americans is through alternative services and holistic practices? Holistic health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States today!

Successful entrepreneur, certified hypnotherapist, community health and psychiatric nurse, Marjorie Baker Price, can provide you with all the information you need to set up your own successful practice, gleaned from 20 years of experience.

In 1986 Marjorie Baker Price was a psychiatric nurse who had worked in various health care settings for 14 years. For 12 of those years, she dreamed of having her very own holistic practice. By 1987, through a self-created program she wants to share with you, Marjorie Baker Price had launched her own successful holistic health practice. Twenty years later, her ever-growing client base has allowed her to sustain this practice while raising four children as a single mother and maintaining an excellent standard of living!

Learn all the "nuts and bolts" of starting and sustaining a successful holistic health practice in your area. Marjorie will share her wealth of business and professional knowledge as a successful entrepreneur and alternative health professional. Learn the following:

· Basic legal and bookkeeping requirements and where to get all the help you need meeting them.

· How to identify your core areas of expertise, and how to develop them for profit, service, and success.

· How to stand on your own two feet while forming successful collaborations.

· The wonderful secret to finding and keeping cheap help.

· How to beef up your client base

· Much much more!

This unique coaching package includes a special workbook and 3 audios, as well as 5 one-hour telephone sessions to help you build and successfully launch your business.
Marjorie Baker Price is a psychiatric nurse, certified hypnotherapist, and Level III Reiki Master with specialized training in relaxation and imagery, energetic healing and creative expression techniques, crisis intervention, grief work, and behavioral and recovery therapies. Since 1988, she has crystallized this broad range of experience into a unique therapeutic approach she calls CENTERING.
Marjorie's client-base includes:
1. Businesses
2. Special interest groups
3. Not-for-profit organizations
4. Individual counseling, including but not limited to: couple-counseling, cancer patients and their families, victims of phobias and obsessions, learning disabled individuals, and recovering addicts.
5. Red Cross, New York State Nurses Association, American Heart Association, Hemophilia Association, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Jewish Community Center, Kiwanis Club Lakeside Wellness Center, MONY Financial Services, Planned Parenthood, SUNY Brockport, New York States Nurses Association The Mended Hearts Inc., and Wilson Health Center Cancer Action
As an offshoot of her practice, Marjorie offers special workshops and one-one coaching sessions to holistic practitioners to build or jumpstart an already existing holistic practice.
Don’t wait to change your life. Order today!
Marjorie really opened my eyes and made me see that I could start my own business. This package was invaluable to helping me get it off the ground. – Carey L., NY
A fantastic value for the money. You just can’t beat the personal attention and knowledge Marjorie brings to the table. – Tara J., CT
Marjorie is so encouraging and she provides a wealth of information. I got everything I needed to start my own holistic health practice. – Karen Q., WI
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