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Medical Intuitive Session

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Intuitive Body Scan:Find out what is wrong at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels regarding your chronic condition or life situation.

Distant scanning session to find out the areas of your body that are affected by traumas, past life or ancestral patterns, or if you need particular supplements or treat unsuspected pathogens.
ONLY $80.
You may wish to add a short healing session for a total of $100(a $200 value). It will clear harmful energies, balance your spiritual and mental subtle energies and give you recommendations for further treatment based on the findings.
I am a powerful, accurate medical intuitive and healer, dedicated to helping others and I work, even distantly on cancer patients.
Please check my website or call 732-773-8878, Dr Patricia for further information and appointments.
Category:Medical Intuitives
Price: $100.00
Member:Dr. Patricia Gadesaud, MD
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