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Un Viaje Poderoso Para Lograr Un Sueño Produndo y Reposado

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The CD is recorded entirely in Spanish

Think back to when you were a baby, falling asleep easily, sleeping peacefully and soundly. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could sleep like that again? You can with this powerful Spanish language hypnosis cd. Imagine letting go and sinking into a comfortable, relaxed state of self-hypnosis that easily and effortlessly allows you to release your worries and drift and float quickly, easily and safely into deep, refreshing sleep. Guided imagery to help you relax combines with background music produced specifically to bring you into a peaceful, receptive “Alpha” state of hypnosis that will quiet your mind and gently carry you to the dream state of the subconscious. After listening to this hypnosis tape you will sleep soundly and awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and absolutely wonderful.

“I felt connected to a lifeline by this voice! The content of the CDs is excellent, but it is the quality of Lynda’s voice that really sets these apart. I’ve not yet heard the end of the sleep CD, except in my sleep! I readily recommend her hypnosis tapes to students, colleagues, friends, and family.” Kathleen Terbeek, Professor of Voice, Texas Christian University

Lynda Malerstein es una Hipnoterapeuta acreditada desde el 1999 y con su consultorio particular en el oeste de Los Angeles. Ella les ayuda a sus clientes a que se libren de habitos indeseables, a superar temores y el estrés y a lograr sus propósitos. Al usar la hipnosis ella posibilita que sus clientes obtengan un poder interno para crear cambio rápido y fácilmente.

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