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Loving Beyond Reason - 8 CD set

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Although your essential nature is love, perhaps you have been listening to the voice of the egoic mind, your own and others'. It would have you believe you are unloved, unloveable, unloving. It would have you believe you are separate from God. This, of course, is impossible! 7 journeys on 5 CDs lead you to discover the wondrous changes within and without as you immerse yourself in the depths of your capacity to love yourself and others unconditionally. Supported by two subliminal CDs and a Dream Program, you will feel yourself shift into the essential awareness of ever-present love. Visit pamelaarwine.com and click on Meditation CDs to view complete descriptions of all 8 CDs.

See http://www.shop.pamelaarwine.com for more info or to order

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