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A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies: Awaken-Unburden-Create, 3 guided meditations.

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Awaken-Unburden-Create is a guided meditation. Jan has taken sacred shamanic rituals that have been understood and used for centuries and makes them user friendly in today's contemporary world. The benefits, the healings and the results of these age-old healing rites are available to anyone willing to sit down and listen. These CD's are excellent. They are for shamanic or non-shamanic belief systems.

Jan Engels-Smith narrates these profound meditations beautifully, gently, and powerfully. Three delightful guided meditations bring me back to my truth by cleansing and restoring my spirit, power, and radiance.

I love these cds and use them 3-4 times a week and on a purely practical level, they work! With each use of the cds, I am more relaxed, happy, clear, focused and full of the truth of my own power and magnificence and am thus more effective in my endeavors.

I am on a path of self improvement however I still fall into the old pitfalls of previous programming. This is when the Awaken-Unburden-Create CDs help me to lift the veils of the illusion that was once my unhealthy and unproductive reality. The guided meditations have aided me in coming back to myself and remembering that I am co-creating my life and I am not a helpless victim. Here is to becoming who you truly are! Thank you Jan and all the helpers for sharing these magnificent truths with all of us.
--Virginia Moayyad

These are simply the most powerful guided meditations I have ever used, they go deep and make me whole each time I listen!
--Ruth Frances Greenberg

Awaken, Unburden, Create is a gift Ms. Engels-Smith has given to the field of guided imagery. A beautifully crafted and spiritually transformative experience that has lifted me into a heightened level of self awareness and creative freedom. Thank you, thank you!
--Neville Bayly

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