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VIGILS: from the Office of the Dead

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Openness to letting life unfold and, in a sense, dancing with it, usually resolves most mysteries sooner or later. It is the 'later' part that is often the real challenge in life and Monastic life is no exception. The schedule of a monastery revolves around the communal prayer marking the various phases of the day and night. These liturgical celebrations, known as the Liturgy of the Hours, anchor the monastic with a certain spiritual stability as he or she lives the mystery. Death has no such predictable timetable. By popular request, Chantal, David, Abbot Francis, and other characters from Office of the Dead are back. Their personalities and adventures are presented in a deeper and richer context through Vigils: from the Office of the Dead. Monasticism and medicine find entirely new ways to synthesize and present themselves through the ecumenical and ethnic medium of Vigils: from the Office of the Dead. (This is the second in a series of monastic mystery books by this author.) (We offer a lower than suggested retail price on this item.)

Category:Books - Body-Mind-Spirit
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Size: 165 pages
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